How Fyxes Contributes To The World

As our world advances at rapid pace one of the biggest contributors to this advance is technology. In fact, internet services are imperative these days. Most businesses have increased both reputation and reach through the use of internet services. And since billions of people are now using the internet it’s only right that businesses transfer marketing and operations to this booming online market. It’s easier to reach their clients this way.


Many individuals would love to own a business. The major problem is, they’re not aware of what they need to do. This is where Fyxes Fyxes can help. They offer articles and content related to new technologies and tips or guidelines about startups. Everything you want to know about how to do proper digital marketing is also available. If you’re thinking of learning new things and considering basic tips, then it’s easier for you to refer to their articles for assistance.

Here are several things you can expect as a member: Continue reading “How Fyxes Contributes To The World”

Mads Palsvig Quit The Globalist System To Help Destroy It [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Jeff Berwick has has a great conversation with Mads Palsvig, who was a highly-paid bond trader in Denmark for years before he realized how money is created. Then, he saw how the IMF and the World Bank are scams that exist for the sole purpose of destabilizing countries so that their assets can be acquired by large transnational corporation on the cheap.

The bankster racket works like this: A Third World country will borrow from the IMF or the World Bank at 10% interest and then be unable to repay the debt. The IMF will then tell that government that they will have to privatize all their public assets. By that time, their equity markets will have lost 60% or 70% and the multinational corporations will then come in and buy everything up on the cheap. Continue reading “Mads Palsvig Quit The Globalist System To Help Destroy It [Video]”

Where There Is a Need There Is a Way – Social Awareness Brought to Light

Everywhere you turn, you see a need. Some people are hungry, some are homeless, some have mental health issues, and then there are those street kids who fall between the cracks. The earth is rapidly being drained of its resources and landfills are beyond capacity. From veterans not getting the care they deserve after faithfully serving the country to the rising drug epidemic sweeping the nation, there is so much which needs to be done but somehow the general public seems apathetic to an increasingly troubled society.

If you are seeking to promote your social awareness group, it’s time you made an all-out effort to bring your mission to light. It’s time to look at ways to market your organization in order to bring people on board with what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a few tips which could help you spread the word.

Social Media’s Reach Can Be Limited

Before throwing your hands up in despair because your latest rally or benefit was less than well-attended, don’t assume people are immune to the cause you are trying to promote. Sometimes it isn’t that people don’t care but rather they hadn’t gotten word of the event you worked so hard to organize. Continue reading “Where There Is a Need There Is a Way – Social Awareness Brought to Light”

Things You Need to Know About Payday Loans

Things are not very good financially for the entire country. Despite what we see on the news, the real figures show that the economy is falling with a lot of people living from hand to mouth.

With falling incomes, we have less amount of money to spend on necessities and luxuries, which is why a lot of us have to turn to loans. There are many types of loans out there, but a lot of people these days are turning to payday loans due to their benefits.

Payday loans are short term loans that can provide you with instant cash. They are very easy to acquire and also easy to pay back. This is why so many people love payday loans and use them to meet sudden expenses and even day to day expenses. Continue reading “Things You Need to Know About Payday Loans”

If Debt Relief Has a Bad Reputation, Why Do So Many Providers Exist?

Freedom Debt Relief lawsuitIf there’s one thing synonymous with debt relief in this country, it’s scams. For a while, it wasn’t clear whether it was trendy or proper to blanket the entire scope of debt relief as an illegitimate industry. While online consensus about debt relief is still very much mixed, the overarching question becomes: if debt relief has such a bad reputation, why do so many providers exist?

As the case with many things, the proof just may be in the pudding. Let’s look at what debt relief providers offer and why they make sense for certain debtors.

Not All Debt Relief Is Debt Settlement

Before we jump into why debt settlement providers exist, it’s important to make the distinction that debt relief and debt settlement aren’t necessarily the same thing. Debt relief is an umbrella term that includes debt settlement — but it can also include debt consolidation and debt management, either through a company or on a DIY basis. Many of the negative online opinions relate to debt settlement scams specifically, and not these other areas of debt relief. Continue reading “If Debt Relief Has a Bad Reputation, Why Do So Many Providers Exist?”