Pumpkin Seeds: Evidence-Based Health Benefits

pumpkin seedsSayer Ji – Pumpkin seeds, like all edible seeds, pack an immense nutritional  and medicinal punch. After all, they contain future worlds within their compact structure. As Emerson said, “the creation of a thousand forests is within one acorn.”

In order to prepare their “babies” for survival outside the pumpkin, Nature equips these seeds with an extremely dense source of organically-bound nutrients, including exceptionally high levels of key, health-promoting minerals.

For example, a one cup serving (64 grams) of pumpkin seeds has 44% daily value (DV) of zinc, 22% of copper, 42% magnesium, 16% manganese, 17% potassium, and enough iron (17% DV) to improve iron-deficiency associated anemia. And remember, food-derived minerals are far more bioavailable and biocompatible than inorganic forms, as we recently discussed in the article: Is Your MultiVitamin Trying to Kill You?

But beyond the obvious nutritional virtues of the seed, recent scientific investigations have revealed that pumpkin seed meal, as well as its pressed oil, may have great therapeutic value in alleviating the following conditions: Continue reading “Pumpkin Seeds: Evidence-Based Health Benefits”

Broccoli Can Stimulate Brain Regeneration, New Research Suggests

stem cell Sayer Ji – For decades it was believed that brain regeneration was not possible. But an accumulating body of research now reveals that common foods such as broccoli contain compounds capable of stimulating the repair and renewal of neural tissue.

Ever since Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the father of neuroscience, declared “nothing may be regenerated” in the adult brain, the idea that you can repair or regenerate damaged brain tissue was precluded by this central dogma. But compelling evidence for brain regeneration began to surface in the 1960’s with a report by MIT scientist Joseph Altman that the hippocampus of adult rats and guinea pigs and the cortex of cats indeed underwent a process termed neurogenesis,1  i.e. the growth and development of nervous tissue.

In the decades that followed, more and more evidence began to amass showing the brain is in a continually dynamic state of self-repair and self-regeneration, relying on neural stem cells to replace and repair damaged and aged tissue. Clearly, in an era of widespread neurodegenerative disease which the conventional medical establishment claims are incurable, this discovery is encouraging. If the brain can regenerate, the the key is to find out how to prevent interference with this process and/or ascertain methods to increase and support its innate self-healing capacity.

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Signs You’re Out of Spiritual Alignment and Ways to Rejuvenate Connection

tryNick Polizzi – Do you ever get a nagging sensation that something is not quite right inside of you? I’m not talking about a kink in your neck or an upset stomach – this is deeper than that. Maybe it’s a limitation within yourself, or a lack of flow and direction where there once was an abundance.

Familiar with any of those?

Of course you are, because you’re human! If you didn’t encounter occasional slumps, I’d be worried that you had a screw loose.

Inhabiting these earthly bodies on this physical plane, it’s normal to sometimes feel out of alignment with who we truly are. Yes, it’s our responsibility to recalibrate and reconnect whenever we can, but it’s silly to beat ourselves up every time we fall out of the saddle.

The quote below illustrates how these minor setbacks are really an opportunity in disguise: Continue reading “Signs You’re Out of Spiritual Alignment and Ways to Rejuvenate Connection”

GMO Scrapbook: Russia, GMO Geopolitics, And The Emerging Pattern

chinaJoseph P Farrell – Over the years as I’ve been watching the bewildering march of several countries, including the USSA, to pollute the food supply with GMO seeds, to court the favor of various governments to promote them and conversely, to make organic foods cost prohibitive, I’ve been arguing that eventually we’d see a kind of GMO geopolitics emerge on the global stage, and that Russia would lead it. The playing field, now, is certainly not level.

Think about it: on a level playing field, the non-GMO farmer or dairy producer would be able to bring his product to market at more or less the same cost as the farmer raising GMOs or injecting cattle with hormones, if not less. What does one see? The opposite:  article for article and ounce for ounce and pound for pound, the “organic” products cost more. Why? There are many reasons but among them is the reason that most western governments have been bought and paid for by I.G. Farbensanto. The agribusiness cartel gets “breaks” and perks, among which are sheer economies of scale.

What is needed is a similar economy of scale for “organic” products, and someone willing to point out the not only the health dangers of GMOs (there are many in spite of what the FDA is telling you; we like to call it the Food for Disease Administration), but the potential risks to the global food supply, and that can make non-GMOs available and compete on the global market. What is needed is someone willing to speak for those farmers and health experts in the west that have been marginalized for questioning the GMO Gospel of I.G. Farbensanto.  I have called this position “GMO geopolitics”, and years ago predicted that Russia, at least, would lead it. Continue reading “GMO Scrapbook: Russia, GMO Geopolitics, And The Emerging Pattern”

Keep Calm – How to Manage Anger

Sometimes, we find ourselves with a short fuse, unable to keep calm in stressful or anger-inducing situations. Our anger can get the better of us, as angerwe lose our temper and struggle to think clearly. If it goes unchecked, then we can alienate ourselves accidentally. We can lose friends, family and even our partner.

How can you treat anger, though? You need to learn how to manage it, so you can live a more peaceful, relaxed life. You cannot let anger define or dictate your future. This is how to manage your anger.

Recognize Your Triggers

Before you try to control your anger, you need to understand what causes your irrational thoughts. Therefore, be mindful of your surroundings and try to recognize anything that causes your heart to beat faster. Make a note of anything, or anyone, which causes tension. Once you have a better understanding of your triggers, you can try to avoid or manage them accordingly.

For Short-Term Anger

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Foods That Look Like the Organ They Heal

“Nature, which makes nothing durable, always repeats itself so that nothing which it makes may be lost.” – Oscar Wilde


Sayer Ji – Have you ever thought about the natural laws that underpin our world? Governed by sacred geometry, organic patterns are the building blocks that shape our experiences. They show up again and again, begging to be recognized, understood, and utilized for the benefit of mankind.

It is an unmistakable fact: the natural world tends to repeat itself. Like the swirling pattern seen in hurricanes, sea shells, and spiral galaxies, nature has a way of creating signatures that surface repeatedly across people, places, and things.

Early physicians took notice of these natural phenomenon, and created a pharmacopoeia that centered around the concept that like affects like. Substances that look alike were considered intrinsically connected, and believed to possess similar natures. Medicines were developed based on the belief that the qualities of one would harmoniously relate to, and thereby enhance and heal the other.

This idea has stood the test of time. Originally called the Law of Similarities, the idea later become known as the Doctrine of Signatures. Credited to Renaissance physician and alchemist, Paracelsus, this doctrine contends that Earth is governed by the microcosm-macrocosm principle: as within, so without, and as above, so below.

These herbal pharmacists took visual cues from the flora. If a plant resembled a part of the body, that was an indication of healing properties for that body part. Signatures presented as similar textures, shapes, and colors, and were considered benevolent signs from the Divine that mankind could easily interpret. Continue reading “Foods That Look Like the Organ They Heal”