Main Types of Wrinkles and Effective Ways to Treat Them

agingAging is inevitable, but you can reduce the signs. Whether you’re having problems with laugh lines, creases, and wrinkles, there are effective natural ways to treat them.

But first, let’s understand the different types of wrinkles so that we can determine how to successfully get rid of them.

1. Expression Lines

As the name suggests, this type of wrinkle develops from repeated expressions you make on your face. Those repeated muscle movements cause creases, which in time, become permanent lines on the skin. Continue reading “Main Types of Wrinkles and Effective Ways to Treat Them”

Alkaline Water or Hydrogen Water — Which One Is Better for You?

waterDr. Joseph Mercola – Alkaline water is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with sales jumping from $47 million in 2014 to $427 million in 2017.1 Marketers claim alkaline water can correct excess acidity in your tissues, which can then prevent or reverse cancerarthritis and other degenerative diseases.2

However, there’s virtually no good evidence to support such claims, and I warned people about drinking alkaline water on a regular basis over eight years ago. Molecular hydrogen, on the other hand, does have a number of health benefits, some of which mirror the claims made for alkaline water — and there’s a really good reason for that.

So, here, I’ll review these two types of waters, and the scientific support (or lack thereof) for each of them, and how the benefits of molecular hydrogen were inappropriately transferred over to alkaline water — primarily due to ignorance. Continue reading “Alkaline Water or Hydrogen Water — Which One Is Better for You?”

Happiness Affects Your Cellular Structure

happinessMarianna Pochelli, N.D. – Science is increasingly suggesting a link between happiness and health.

There is an irrefutable argument in favor of happiness: Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand. In fact scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer through enhancements of our cellular structure.

Dr Derek Cox, Director of Public Health at Dumfries and Galloway NHS, suspects that for decades health professionals have been missing a big trick in improving the health of the nation. Continue reading “Happiness Affects Your Cellular Structure”

The United Kingdom’s Cautionary Socialized Medicine Tale

Great BritainSarah Lee and Charlie Katebi – As Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (I) continues to tout the so-called benefits of “Medicare for All” — despite its exorbitant costs and the fact that the next generation of progressive socialists have no idea how they’re going to pay for it — the United States would do well to look across the pond to see exactly what socialized medicine will bring: rationed care, scarce resources, and doctor visits that could include you and 14 strangers.

According to reports, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), championed by progressives as the paragon of socialized medicine, is intending to include in its upcoming 10-year plan a scheme that will effectively mandate group primary care visits, which could include as many as 15 patients meeting with one general practitioner (GP) at a time. Continue reading “The United Kingdom’s Cautionary Socialized Medicine Tale”

Yoga: A Path to Beat Mental Stress

Almost everyone experiences stress in personal life and career at some point in life. I have been through it too!

And, I know how much that can affect your health and even make you feel de-motivated and detached from your environment.

And, when we are going through it, as a defense, we become more spiritual and try whatever we possibly can, to get some mental peace. But, does this really help?

Well, out of all the possibilities that I have tried, the only thing that actually made a difference was Yoga.

I don’t need to introduce you to this term. I am sure you know what it means.

That said, how does yoga help in achieving mental peace? Continue reading “Yoga: A Path to Beat Mental Stress”