Is Rice a Healthy Option to Choose When Dieting?

riceRice is the staple food in several countries, and the people in those countries tend to be slim and healthy. This gives the impression that rice is a good food to eat and that no matter how much you consume it will not make you put weight on. That is not the case however, it is only if you eat the right portion of the right rice that it will not make you fat.

Is White or Brown the Best?

There are many different varieties of rice, but the main two are just white rice and brown rice. White rice is the most usual one used in the western world, and certainly is the one you are served in takeout food shops and restaurants. White rice has a very high glycaemic index which results in spikes in insulin and blood sugars. This is not helpful for weight control or general health. It is high in fiber, which is good, but is also high in carbs, which is not so good.

Brown rice on the other hand, is higher in fiber than white rice, but has fewer carbs. It will affect sugar and insulin levels to a lower degree, and as well as having plenty of vitamins and nutrients, it is high in potassium which is good for the heart. Continue reading “Is Rice a Healthy Option to Choose When Dieting?”

Finding the Power to Tackle Mental Health Problems from Within

mental health problemsMental health problems are a prevalent problem the United States, with people from all walks of life suffering from various illnesses. Mental health illnesses, in turn, can have long-lasting negative effects such as substance abuse, antisocial behavior, and further problems that can be affecting for life, although the more that is known about the effects, the causes remain elusive.

Pharmaceutical companies have championed the use of synthetic mediation for decades, with occasional scientific research and knowledge into some mental health problems limited due to the nature of the illness. This kind of medication has saved the lives of many people but has shown a dark side in the side effects that come from pushing such strong drugs onto people who may not even need or benefit from it. Continue reading “Finding the Power to Tackle Mental Health Problems from Within”

Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests

pineal glandSayer Ji – The pineal gland has been known as the ‘seat of soul’ for hundreds of years. Could fluoride, a ubiquitous vector of toxicity in the modern world, actually be calcifying this gland and literally turning it to stone?

The Discovery

Research published in 2001 showed that fluoride (F) deposits in the pineal gland with age and is associated with enhanced gland calcification. Eleven aged cadavares were dissected and their pineal glands assayed:

 “There was a positive correlation between pineal F[luoride] and pineal Ca[lcium] (r = 0.73, p<0.02) but no correlation between pineal F and bone F. By old age, the pineal gland has readily accumulated F and its F/Ca ratio is higher than bone.” Continue reading “Fluoride Literally Turns the Pineal Gland to Stone, Research Suggests”

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Dancing

danceGreen Med Info – The evidence-based health benefits of dancing are numerous and profound. In fact, if dancing were a drug it would be considered unethical not to use it.

If you already love to dance, you know how easy it is to work up a sweat on the dance floor. Far from the monotony of the treadmill, dancing is an exercise that engages not only the body, but also our creativity and sense of fun. Who knows where a dance will take you? When the music starts playing, it can feel almost like a trance: toes start tapping, hips begin to sway, and before you know it, you are creating your own moves that flow from within—no choreographer needed! Dancing can be a deep release that melts away stress and worry, while simultaneously delivering a great workout. Talk about a win-win! Continue reading “The Amazing Health Benefits Of Dancing”

How Long Can You Stay in Ketosis

Losing weight is never a simple task, yet it’s something that millions of Americans try to do each and every year. There are always those fad diets that seem to be circulating, the hottest weight loss plan from the celebrities, and those tried and true ways of losing weight.

One of the more popular routes people seem to be following as of late is a keto diet. This diet is all about limiting the intake of carbs and eating foods high in fat instead. When you limit the carbohydrates you are eating, it means your body doesn’t have that same level of glucose to use for energy, which sends it into a ketosis state.

So, who exactly is the keto diet meant for and how long can you stay in ketosis?

Who Can Use the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is meant for those looking to lose weight. Because you will be drastically reducing the amount of sugar that you eat, it has shown to be helpful for diabetics and pre-diabetics to follow. There have been a number of studies done on diabetics and the keto lifestyle, and one even found that seven of the 21 participants who had type 2 diabetes were able to stop their diabetes medication by following a strict keto diet. Continue reading “How Long Can You Stay in Ketosis”

Detoxification: Opening Doors To Spiritual Energies

Detoxification Mystic Banana – Before knowing what detoxification is, we need to know what the toxins are, which we need to detox.

Every day we eat potential toxins into our body, breathe them into our hearts, and track them into our homes and life without ever really knowing where they’ll end up or how much damage they’ll do when they get there! In fact, if you could peek inside your body you’d find fire-retardant chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, plastic particles, and dozens of other residues of modern life.

Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the human body.

The human body requires detoxing to allow all spiritual energies to flow in and guide us to release trapped and blocked energy emotions, beliefs and thought, detoxification (or detox for short) opens the way for cleansing on all levels – body, mind and soul.

Detoxification shows positive results with your spiritual practices. It is important to detox our body on a regular basis in order to keep the balance with nature and our self. Continue reading “Detoxification: Opening Doors To Spiritual Energies”