“LGBT” Teens Deadly Effects Are Now Freaking Out School Officials

lgbtMommy Underground – LGBT activists have successfully succeeded in integrating their agenda into schools, and they thought the battle was over.

But a stunning new study just showed the actual results of what is happening to the new LGBT teens, and it doesn’t look good.

And now school officials are scrambling to cover up the truth in a desperate attempt to hide the secret they’ve been trying to keep the entire time.

You see, LBGT activists have had a string of “victories” in their camp, ramming through the transgender agenda.

Innocent children are paying the price, as they are being taught LGBT material as young as three.

School officials claim children have a “right” to choose their own gender. Even change gender.

Some schools are even keeping parents in the dark at the perverse curriculum they are teaching children, causing parents to organize and fight back once they learned the truth. Continue reading ““LGBT” Teens Deadly Effects Are Now Freaking Out School Officials”

Short-Circuit Anger to Help Your Heart

Too much anger can cause your blood pressure to rise. It can cloud your thinking. It can cause you to act out in a way that, at the very least, isn’t very helpful and, at worst, is extremely dangerous.

In fact, much of the harm that anger can cause actually happens to the person who becomes angry.

Research has repeatedly shown the adverse effects of anger:

1- Anger can not only bring on heart rhythm abnormalities (arrythmias) in the short-term, but the stress hormones that are released while you are angry can lead to changes in the body that are linked to developing heart disease and atherosclerosis as a long-term consequence. Continue reading “Short-Circuit Anger to Help Your Heart”

Florida Surgeon Fined $3,000 For Removing Patient’s Healthy Kidney

kidneyNiamh Harris – A Florida surgeon has been find $3,000 after he cut out a woman’s healthy kidney, without her consent, after mistaking it for a tumor.

He has also been ordered to undergo extra training on preoperative patient evaluation as he had not read the patients medical records properly before the surgery took place.

A complaint from the Florida Health Department said the doctor’s cancer diagnosis was not related to the reason his patient was having surgery so the mistaken tumor should not have been removed anyway. Continue reading “Florida Surgeon Fined $3,000 For Removing Patient’s Healthy Kidney”

How Healthy is Vaping

The biggest debate about vaping is exactly how safe and/or healthy is it. The answer is subjective. If you smoke and switch to vaping then the answer is it’s healthy. If you’re a non-smoker and start vaping the health benefits really are not there.

Long-term effects of both vaping and smoking

vapingResearch has shown smoking is bad – both short and long term. However, studies performed concerning vaping as recently as last year have not uncovered any bad effects, but it will take more years of study to really get a good snapshot of the long game. At present insufficient evidence exists to determine the long-term effects of vaping.

The good news is research has found vaping to be less addictive than smoking due to the smaller concentration of nicotine typically inhaled. And while it’s true that vapes contain more nicotine than the average cigarette most users only take a hit or two. As a result less nicotine hits the system.  Continue reading “How Healthy is Vaping”

Is Grounding the Missing Link to Better Health and Well-Being?

groundingHilde Larsen – Have you noticed that when you are outside in nature you feel calmer? Have you noticed how a beach vacation is soothing for your entire being? You might even state it is giving you more energy. There is nothing like a long swim in the ocean, or a hike in the woods when it comes to recharging and realigning a stressed body and mind. The interesting thing is, there is a perfectly logical explanation to why it feels like that.

You see, the sand and ocean water are both naturally conductive materials, meaning when you connect your whole body connects. It grounds our energy — our electric charge — and removes excess positive electrons, and THAT is the key to this practice.

Let me show you just why we all need some extra “vitamin sea”, and a hug from a large pine tree. Continue reading “Is Grounding the Missing Link to Better Health and Well-Being?”