Non-urgent health care services being put on hold across the UK as state-run health care nightmare edges toward collapse

health careLance D Johnson – The National Health Service in New England has put a hold on non-urgent health care services, as the state-run healthcare system edges toward collapse. State officials have instructed hospitals across the country to delay non-emergency procedures and only deal with emergency patients first. About 55,000 operations are to be put on hold in January as England’s health system goes into full rationing mode.  There aren’t enough hospital beds or staff to accommodate the mounting pressure of a sick and dying population.

Historically, socialized health care systems that initially promise to care for all people, end up turning people away by the thousands. There is no guarantee that someone will be there to care for you when you need it. This kind of system doesn’t prioritize health self-reliance and therefore become overburdened by dependent patients looking for help that is merely just false hope. The demand for hospital care is also driven by the great deception of flu vaccines, which have spawned a weakened, malnourished populace, prone to mutating pathogens. Continue reading “Non-urgent health care services being put on hold across the UK as state-run health care nightmare edges toward collapse”

Flu outbreak across America—really?

vaccineJon Rappoport – The press is playing up two angles this winter: the seasonal flu vaccine may only be 10% effective; and there is an outbreak of flu across 37 states, at last count.

Underneath these claims, something far different is going on.

Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), revealed the monstrosity.

As Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.

This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies.

So they don’t have the flu. Continue reading “Flu outbreak across America—really?”

Liver Cleansing: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Dr. Edward Group – The liver is the human body’s largest internal organ and one of the most important for survival. Without it, bodily tissues would die from lack of nutrients and oxygen and the digestive process would not be able to take place. One of the liver’s most important functions is the removal of toxins from your system. This function is why cleansing your liver and living a healthy lifestyle is so crucial. Performing an organic liver cleanse can help remove toxic buildup for overall health and wellness. Before doing a liver cleanse, it is important to understand what the liver is and all of the necessary functions it performs.

The Liver’s Location and Design

Inside your body, the liver sits primarily on the right side. It spans across the top of the abdominal cavity, above your stomach and below your diaphragm, leaning down towards the right kidney. This vital organ is soft and rubbery with a reddish-brown color, weighs about three pounds, and contains one pint of blood at any given moment. It is triangular and consists of two primary lobes made up of 1,000 lobules. These tiny lobules contain small tubes that are connected to larger tubes which form the common hepatic duct. This duct is responsible for transporting bile made by the liver to the gallbladder and the first part of the small intestine known as the duodenum.[1]  Continue reading “Liver Cleansing: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide”

Moving Into 2018

lifeMary O’Malley – As you move into 2018, it is good to lift yourself up out of your everyday life and see it from a more spacious perspective.  I have a couple of armchairs up on the moon and I invite you to come sit there for the next few minutes. As you settle into your comfortable chair, there before you is your home—a beautiful blue-green jewel of a planet that is dancing through oceans of space.  Now zoom your attention in for a closer look so you can see the depth of her exquisite creativity—mountain meadows full of wild flowers, majestic icebergs, eagles soaring, raging storms, cascading waterfalls that can take your breath away, jungles full of colorful parrots, and all kinds of baby creatures playing.

If you look closely, you will see that most human beings are walking around with clouds of thoughts surrounding their heads.  Rather than being here for the amazing creativity and beauty of Life, they are totally absorbed in their thoughts.  They think about life rather than being present for life.  If you could hear their thoughts, you would see that they are usually struggling with what is happening in their lives.  Mostly it is little struggles like frustration at the length of a stoplight, but this causes a subtle sense of unease.  And at times in their lives these struggles can become gigantic, throwing them into pits of self-loathing and despair. Continue reading “Moving Into 2018”

Bill Gates Develops Slow Release ‘Super Vaccine’

vaccineSean Adl-Tabatabai – Bill Gates has expressed an interest in distributing a new type of vaccine that combines dozens of individual shots in one ‘slow release’ super vaccine.

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new 3D fabrication technique that will allow a cocktail of  drugs or vaccines to be delivered to a patient over an extended period of time – with just one jab needed. reports: Research Scientist with MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Ana Jalkenec, told Digital Journal in an interview, that: Continue reading “Bill Gates Develops Slow Release ‘Super Vaccine’”

Struggling With Chronic Illness? HEAL is the One Documentary to Watch

“The body is so intelligent and it’s designed to heal and repair itself at every moment.” ~ Kelly Noonan Gores, producer of HEAL documentary

Carolanne Wright – The innate wisdom of the body can heal any disease, any disorder — if we would only get out of the way. This is the premise behind the documentary HEAL, which takes the mind-body connection to a whole new level with interviews from leading scientists, holistic practitioners, energy workers and medical doctors — including Kelly Brogan, M.D., Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Dr. Deepak Chopra, Anthony Williams, among many others.

Considering almost 50 percent of Americans are dealing with some form of chronic illness, HEAL couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Underlying Cause of Disease

Continue reading “Struggling With Chronic Illness? HEAL is the One Documentary to Watch”