Ways on How to Improve Muscle Recovery

Rest it out

muscle recoveryGet more sleep. Take time to heal. More often than not, this is the most overlooked methods in improving muscle recovery. There are several studies that show that inadequate amount of sleep has a negative impact on the overall recovery of the body.

Consume more protein

Foods rich in protein naturally aids your body to produce cells that are meant to repair your muscles. It is even recommended for you to take a light protein snack, even before bedtime to allow your body to keep on repairing itself even while you sleep. Protein-rich food includes lean meat and poultry, dairy products, seeds, beans, and legumes. Continue reading “Ways on How to Improve Muscle Recovery”

The Mindtastik Meditation App Helps With Spirituality & Personal Growth

MindtastikWith our hectic schedule, we tend to forget that we are essentially spiritual beings. We get so immersed in our work that our mind gets cloudy, and our body gradually feels more and more fatigued. The key to easing this fatigue is to provide the soul with a rejuvenating experience through meditation.

Meditation is the way for people to remove themselves from the three-dimensional world and initiate communication with the higher realms in the spiritual world. The objective behind meditating is to find our true selves and experience true peace by feeling free from the restrictions of this physical world.

Mindtastik is a meditation app that helps you grow spiritually and personally. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of meditation first. And then, we will see how Mindtastik is helpful for meditation.

How does meditation change your life? Continue reading “The Mindtastik Meditation App Helps With Spirituality & Personal Growth”

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Tinnitus

tinnitusTinnitus is a troublesome condition that can make it difficult for you to get through your day. Instead of struggling with it alone, confiding in someone and getting help can make it easier for you to cope. Here are seven facts you likely didn’t know about tinnitus.

Men Experience Tinnitus More Than Women

Of the seven facts you need to know about tinnitus, this may be the one that surprises you. No one knows why it affects men more than women. It has been speculated that this trend exists because men are more exposed to activities that have loud noises, such as construction work or hunting. Continue reading “Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Tinnitus”

The Right Way to Prep Your Skin Before Shaving

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you have sensitive skin that’s often irritated after a shave. Maybe you experience acne breakouts, razor bumps, or a tingly burn after you’re done–none of these are fun!

Choosing the right razor and accompanying products is an important part of minimizing the damage to your skin, but most importantly, you should know how to prepare before you apply the razor. Use this guide to help save your skin.

Use a Pre-Shave Product

The point of a pre-shave product such as shaving cream, gel, butter, or soap is to create a protective layer between your skin and the razor. It helps the razor glide more smoothly along the skin, minimizing harmful dragging. But you want your pre-shave product to moisturize and smooth your skin as well. Continue reading “The Right Way to Prep Your Skin Before Shaving”

Is The Medical Marijuana Industry Demonizing Antidepressants?

Medical Marijuana Industry Many people advocate the use of medical marijuana over antidepressants. Some believe that it is best to consume plant over pills while others mix and match both. But is the cannabis industry demonizing antidepressants in the wake of selling products?

The answer to this question is quite complicated. First, because people are using medical cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Second, the results of the studies conducted on depression and cannabis are still unclear. But on the other hand, the entire concept is certainly opening doors to more rigorous research. Third, medical marijuana can be a possible alternative to pharmaceuticals. Continue reading “Is The Medical Marijuana Industry Demonizing Antidepressants?”