US Military 2020 Election Sting Leads to Trump Landslide [Video]

Scott McKayAlexandra Bruce – Scott McKay from the Tipping Point Radio Show gives a riveting explanation of what is happening right now with the 2020 Election, in what has become a viral video.

In short, he says this election was a military-grade sting operation to bring down the criminal power structure that has been ruling this country – and every country around the world – for a very long time. He says the Trump presidency is a de facto military presidency that was established and put in place to bring down the Globalist Rothschild-London-central banking enterprise that completely controls every country on the planet. Continue reading “US Military 2020 Election Sting Leads to Trump Landslide [Video]”

Sekulow on Election Lawsuits: “What’s Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking” [Video]

US Elections 2020Sundance – Jordan Sekulow appears with Tom Basile on NewsMax to discuss the current status of several election lawsuits.  Within the interview Sekulow notes that despite the election certification, a new lawsuit will be filed on Monday in Georgia that “will be stunning“.

The ACLJ lawyer states the lawsuit and attached evidence in the state of Georgia is unrelated to any currently known information, evidence or preceding lawsuits. The framework is entirely new. “Put-up or shut-up will be rolled out this week“… Continue reading “Sekulow on Election Lawsuits: “What’s Coming in Georgia Will Be Shocking” [Video]”

A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2020Clarice Feldman – For the first time in recent memory we will be unable to visit our son and his family in Hawaii for Thanksgiving. The quarantine requirements have been lifted if we take and get a negative result on a COVID test. (Something like 90% of the positive results on such tests are false positives.)

But it’s a very long flight during which we’d have to be masked in flight and at the airports and it’s more than we can endure. (Even if we assumed the masks were efficacious, which I don’t think they are — indeed, I think they are counterproductive — we find them physically uncomfortable.) Continue reading “A Very Unsettling Thanksgiving”

Trump Election Plan, Massive Voter Fraud, MSM Propaganda [Video]

massive election fraudGreg Hunter – The President’s election legal team put on a 90 minute press conference on Thursday that laid out their plan to overturn the election by exposing “massive voter fraud.”  The President’s point man on the effort, Rudy Giuliani, says he can “overturn the election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona with more than double the votes needed.”

Sidney Powell, another top former federal prosecutor on the President’s team, says Dominion voter machines were also used in electronic voter fraud on a nationwide scale.  Powell said the Dominion voting system was used, and it was imported from Venezuela and owned by people who are friends of the communist government.  Powell also charged, “There was massive money influence of communist Venezuela and China” in effort to get a Biden win. Continue reading “Trump Election Plan, Massive Voter Fraud, MSM Propaganda [Video]”

Trump Won a 70% Plus Landslide Election – He Probably Had 400 Electoral Votes [Video]

election fraud 2020Attorney Lin Wood joined Mark Levin on Tuesday to discuss the theft of the 2020 election.

This was one explosive interview!

Lin Wood repeated several times during the interview, “They got caught!”

Lin Wood:  “This election was a fraud.  Donald Trump won I believe a 70% plus landslide election in the nation.  He probably won over 400 electoral votes.”

SF Source The Gateway Pundit Nov 2020