Another Great Week In Trumpland

trumpWayne Allyn Root – It was another great week for President Trump. And I guess it’s up to me to spread the word.

Why do I need to trumpet Trump? Because the President will never get credit for anything he achieves from the biased-liberal, Trump-hating, mainstream media.

First, because of President Trump’s tireless achievements, the generic Democrat/Republican poll is out. Democrats held a 52-43 lead in advance of the 2018 midterms. Today it’s a dead tie. That bodes well for GOP chances to re-take the House in 2020.

I guess reparations, open borders, free health care for illegals, killing cows and banning straws has its limitations. Continue reading “Another Great Week In Trumpland”

U.S. Attorney recommends moving forward with charges against Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabeSara Carter – Fox News is reporting that a source close to former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe’s legal team said they received an email from the Department of Justice which said, “The Department rejected your appeal of the United States Attorney’s Office’s decision in this matter. Any further inquiries should be directed to the United States Attorney’s Office.”

U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu has recommended moving forward with charges against Andrew McCabe, Fox News has learned, as the Justice Department rejects a last-ditch appeal from the former top FBI official. Attorney General William Barr appointed Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the FBI’s role in the probe against President Donald Trump’s campaign.

DOJ officials could not be immediately reached for comment. Continue reading “U.S. Attorney recommends moving forward with charges against Andrew McCabe”

Trump Shows Dems His Power

We The People Daily – Pro-Trump Republican Dan Bishop celebrated his impressive defeat of Democrat Dan McCready in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District race Tuesday evening.

Bishop, a conservative Republican currently serving in the North Carolina State Senate, based his campaign on strong support for the Trump agenda.

The president, for his part, strongly supported Bishop. On Monday, the night before the election, Trump appeared with Bishop at a boisterous rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina where he heavily criticized McCready for supporting the socialist agenda of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Squad. Continue reading “Trump Shows Dems His Power”

Flynn Hearing Reveals Existence of Bombshell DOJ Memo Exonerating Michael Flynn

Michael FlynnSara Carter – A bombshell revelation was barely noticed at National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s hearing Tuesday, when his counsel revealed in court the existence of a Justice Department memo from Jan. 30, 2017 exonerating Flynn of any collusion with Russia.

The memo, which has still not been made available to Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell, is part of a litany of Brady material she is demanding from prosecutors. The memo is currently under protective order and Powell is working with prosecutors to get it disclosed, has learned.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan presided over the hearing Tuesday  and set a tentative Dec. 18 sentencing date. He told the prosecution and defense that the sentencing date could be moved depending on the outcome of requests for Brady material requested by Powell and how the case will unfold in the upcoming months. Sullivan also noted during the hearing that the Brady order takes precedence over the plea agreement. Continue reading “Flynn Hearing Reveals Existence of Bombshell DOJ Memo Exonerating Michael Flynn”

Levels and Layers – They Are All Going Down

trumpJohn Michael Chambers – What we must come to understand is that this peaceful overthrow of the deep state and shadow government has begun. Quite frankly, it began about three years ago but as of recent, with the Mueller witch hunt exposed for what it was, an illegal treasonous failed coup d’etat attempt against a duly elected and most popular President I might add, the hunters have now become the hunted.

Many of us are beyond frustrated and ask why don’t we just arrest them. Some are more jaded and apathetic having been programmed over our lifetime to believe “they”, those in power, will never be held accountable. I am here to say, have faith, trust the plan. It is indeed unfolding as it should. They are all going down. It’s either us or them. We have reached steps 6, 7 and 8 on the scale of discovery and action.

Wake up. Get others to wake up. Get with the program. This is for all the marbles!

Layers and Levels

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