The Outer Bands Of The Storm [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Juan O Savin joins Robert David Steele to discuss where we are.

peopleRDS: So, what’s your bottom line on what’s going to happen tomorrow? What’s your prediction? We’ll hold you accountable on Saturday.

JOS: He’s got more bends and turns and twists than an anaconda snake! Look, there’s about five variations that can happen. Without letting cats out of the bag, I believe I know what what is going to happen but I don’t want to –

RDS: OK, so just give us five without specifying your choice. Continue reading “The Outer Bands Of The Storm [Video]”

‘We Are In Martial Law’ – Steve Pieczenik [Video]

trustAlexandra Bruce – Steve Pieczenik joined Alex Jones in a rather incendiary appearance to discuss the January 6th special forces raid of Democrat computers at the Capitol.

Steve triples down on his assertion that the entire election was a sting operation, “We marked the computers, we marked the ballots, we marked – everything was a sting operation. Nothing has changed. Continue reading “‘We Are In Martial Law’ – Steve Pieczenik [Video]”

California’s Recall Gavin Newsom Movement Getting Needed Signatures

recall NewsomLiberty Planet – There have been political rumblings in California for years, yet little has changed. Despite living in an overtly mismanaged state, California voters, seemingly ambivalent to their state’s increasing decay, have continuously chosen one disastrous Democratic governor after another. But perhaps 2020 was finally the year when state residents began to feel a bit of buyer’s remorse creeping in.

Governor Gavin Newsom, who was the Lt. Governor under Jerry Brown, won the gubernatorial race in 2018 with over 60 percent of the votes. Yet, over the past year, Newsom clearly sees the breadth of his constituents’ displeasure.

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It’s On – This Is Not A Drill

militaryJames Gilliland – Over 6,000 troops are now at the White House and Capitol building. The President has signed the Insurrection Act. The main stream and social media (Treason Inc.), along with those who knowingly committed treason by certifying the votes even when notified there was extreme foreign intervention and fraud are all scurrying and screaming to protect their assets.

Super computers and the military in Italy were used to alter the votes in 17 states through dominion and other software. Key players including the President of Italy have been arrested and the Vatican’s hands are extremely dirty.

During the orchestrated breech at the Capitol building by Antifa and those who infiltrated Antifa, Nancy Pelosi and others lost their laptops. Rumor has it this is why many democrats and rhinos are screaming impeachment because the laptops have damning information on them, including communications with Antifa and the CCP. Communist China. Continue reading “It’s On – This Is Not A Drill”

Coup Update [Video]

billionAlexandra Bruce – There were a lot of weird blackouts over the weekend; at the Vatican, Berlin and in Pakistan, where nearly one half of the country was completely without power.

Simon Parkes explains that the blackout in Pakistan was to prevent a major deal from going down, in which a CCP front corporation would have bought the US corporate behemoth, General Electric for a mere $5.4 billion.

He says the secret deal was discovered on Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, which was stolen by Special Forces during the “storming” of the Capitol last week. Continue reading “Coup Update [Video]”