One Of The Deepest Secrets Of Zen

zenWell, as opposed to so many other articles with such a blatant click-baity title, I’m not going to string you along here. While there are many secrets of zen, I’ll give you the answer to this one right now, right in the second sentence: Stop Wanting It.

That’s it. Want nothing. Choose what shows up instead.

This is the very essence of zen. It is what is meant by the “surrendered state“. Do this, and persist in it long enough, and you will most likely find some incredible things unfolding in your reality, very possibly including those that you formerly really, really wanted. The irony? It won’t matter, because you won’t want them anymore! You’ll surely enjoy them while they last, but the terrible need you had for them to give you fulfilment will be gone, and you could honestly care less if they showed up or not. Continue reading “One Of The Deepest Secrets Of Zen”

The Relationship Between Light & Dark And Positive & Negative Polarity

negative polarityTodd – In our current language system, the terms “light and dark”, and “Positive and Negative” polarity are being used interchangeably. The following is an overview of the construct we find ourselves within:

Darkness is the absence of light. It does not contain a polarity aspect. It is the absence of light which equates to the absence of information, the absence of consciousness, and the absence of love. Darkness is the nothingness that is ‘enlightened’ by consciousness.

The cosmos began with the God source. Infinite energy, knowledge and love. The God source looked out from itself and saw that the cosmos was filled with the nothingness of darkness. There was no love, there was no knowledge, there was no awareness. In it’s attempt to fill the vastness of the cosmos with the unlimited knowledge, light and love it contained it began to divide itself. It sent the initial conscious ‘God Fragments’ out and said;

“Go, do, create as you see fit as you are imbued with my abilities. Bring light to the infinite darkness.” Continue reading “The Relationship Between Light & Dark And Positive & Negative Polarity”

Vibrationally Intentionally Shifting In/Out of Karmic Timelines

loveLisa Brown – These continually shifting high frequencies will “teach” your human aspect how to maneuver in all new ways. Your ability to do things the way you used to will immensely change. As you become energy, then every shift will affect you more. You will have to learn to acclimate, honor and integrate like never before.

Your human aspect will “learn” the importance of your body, your energy, your everything…. the purposes of why you have what you have and why things seem/need to “go” (timeline shifts). These mega-high frequency timelines will “teach” your human honor, love, respect for you and in doing so, you will come to honor, love and respect each other in all new ways too.

Continue reading “Vibrationally Intentionally Shifting In/Out of Karmic Timelines”

The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete!

starseedsMichelle Walling, CHLC – Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from destroying itself and all of its unique creations. This consciousness was created by power, greed, lust, and control. Many lessons will have been learned and much experience and wisdom will have been accumulated by the close of this level of consciousness.

Starseeds inserted themselves into the timelines of the great stories we have been told of the gods. They became family members to those who carried the so-called psychopathic and self centered behaviors. Since this is a free willed universe, anything was allowed to happen as long as a few creational “laws’ were not broken that would end up affecting the rest of the Universe. Continue reading “The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete!”

You choose the course

lifeThe Angels – It is very important at this time on earth, not to run from your feelings, but rather to take a few seconds each day to tune into your own hearts and see what you find within. What is it you want in life? What do love about your life? What would you change if you could? The answers to these questions will help you understand why your life is working or not.

To the degree you accept your feelings and desires, you move in the direction of having them. To the degree you resist your own feelings, there is pain, anger, upset, sadness and depression. Continue reading “You choose the course”

Important Message for Mankind From A Free Mason

secret societies
Manly P Hall

From the beginning of time, free masonry has been punished for its love of truth, and out if its punishment came the United States. We were founded by Masonic pressures, we were founded by Masons, we were founded by some of the best minds of our time….

“We were founded by people who sacrificed much, and also gave their lives in many cases. But we came through, we came through because of a definite determination, that the way of light shall prevail. Therefore it is very important to us to make sure that this light does prevail, that it goes on, to help us with all the things that are necessary for us to do.”

Arjun WaliaManly P. Hall, the man in the video below, has been recognized as one of the world’s leading scholars in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult. Many great minds have been attracted to his work, including the late Carl Jung, who, when writing his Psychology and Alchemy, borrowed material from Hall’s private collection. Continue reading “Important Message for Mankind From A Free Mason”