Goddess Centered Gardening

Cathy Aarset | Fairy Goddess Gardening | January 30 2012

If you’re in or near West San Gabriel Valley, California, and love Mother Earth contact Cathy for inspired advice! ~ Gillian

Goddess Centered Gardening is centered in the heart. It is time to stop, become still and listen.

Listening To The Land

You who are the caretaker of your land, can best listen to the spiritual matrix that is centered in the land that surrounds your house.

What It Is

Goddess Centered Gardening is loving your land. It is loving the plants that have been there for ever! It is sitting with your Garden and asking what can bring more light and energy flow. It is learning about your soil and planting what best will live in harmony with the spiritual matrix and you. It is sitting, listening, waiting with joy and anticipation at what amazing possibilities that can come into your life if you would just ask. The land will tell you and Source will meet you, then all three will dream and imagine, create and activate that which will facilitate joy, light, healing and harmony for all who enter your garden and all who live within It’s borders.

Goddess Centered Gardening Is A New Way

I know that this is wholly new. Gardens are alive with energy flowing through them, just as you and I are. This way will not be everyone’s way. We are, though, awakening to our world on a deeper level. I would like to help you connect to your land so that; you can create an environment that suits just you and those who live with you, so that light, healing and energy flow effortlessly.

You and the Garden will lead the way and I would like to help you connect with the spiritual life of your garden so you can listen and create a design that is harmonious and healing. Connection with Earth, Spirit and Source is what Goddess Centered Gardening and Fairy Goddess Gardening is all about.

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