CBD Innovations You Should Know

CBDHemp is growth for all types of end-use products. It contains less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and even if you don’t know much, you probably know that CBD (cannabidiol), while related to marijuana, has an entirely different purpose and value.

For CBD production, hemp is grown as a specialty crop, and the flowers are cultivated for maximum growth. The CBD oil is then incorporated into topical products such as salves, lip balm, and lotions and as a supplement can be found in pill capsules, powder form, and more. Many companies like Emjay specialize in CBD products that are developed from industrial hemp, which is often used as a rotation crop with other specialty crops, small grains, and grasses.

Hemp and marijuana can both be used for medicinal and recreational purposes. But hemp is also used in many other ways, such as dietary supplements, skin products, clothing, and even accessories.

CBD and THC are two out of dozens of “phytocannabinoids” unique to cannabis, but they have different properties and purposes, as well as grow from plants that differ completely in their function, cultivation, and application.

If you aren’t up on the latest information regarding CBD benefits, this list of a few CBD innovations should provide you with some insight.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD is the latest hip ingredient that many brands are adding to beauty products these days. While there is more research that needs to be done on the effects of CBD for anxiety, it has been shown that CBD is an anti-inflammatory worth exploring.

If relaxing in a tub filled with CBD oil or CBD-infused bath bombs sounds like something that will make your muscles feel better, you should try it. Remember, though, that CBD oil doesn’t have THC, the ingredient that gets you high. CBD is a different extract from marijuana that is thought to help with anxiety, pain relief, and inflammation when used topically.

CBD Dog Treats

Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer the effects of anxiety and stress. Pets, too, experience these as well, and many pet owners are turning to CBD infused pet treats to alleviate their dog’s symptoms of pain, apprehension in new situations, and tension due to separation anxiety.

CBD infused treats can alleviate this, resulting in a decrease in bad behaviors such as chewing, urinating, and pacing. A more natural solution than pharmaceuticals, CBD for pain relief can be a viable alternative for both furry friends and their human companions.

Many dogs also suffer from seizures and epilepsy. High levels of cannabinoids can manage a dog’s seizures, and, over time, reducing the frequency of them. CBD treats and pet biscuits can also help with decreased appetites in older or ill dogs because it is a relaxing stimulant that can increase appetites.

CBD Balms

CBD balms and the best CBD oil can be the perfect topicals to provide your skin with the benefits of CBD. In addition to absorbing quickly into the skin to soothe and moisturize, these products are a good answer for those seeking relief from pain and soreness without the side effects of cannabis or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Whether you’re experiencing achy joints after workouts or sore muscles after a long day, the right CBD balms can provide pain-free comfort. Salves can be quickly applied at the gym or at home after a long day for infused alleviation and post-exercise recovery.

CBD Drinks

From coffee to fruit juice, companies are finding more ways to use CBD and more products to put it in. Some beverage brands are now offering CBD sodas, flavored waters, fruit juices, and coffees.

CBD benefits have allowed companies like Sprig and Oleo are offering beverages with benefits to individuals interested in a focused wellness lifestyle. Whether you choose the best CBD for pain relief or just want to see what the hype is all about, you’re sure to find a choice that works for you.

CBD Suppositories

Yes, we realize this one may not make your top ten, but a CBD infused suppository, used rectally, can actually make sense. For pelvic pain, sciatica, and other back troubles, a CBD suppository might be the best choice. The rectum, which is part of the digestive tract, is very close to the sections of your spine that control your lower torso.

Anal or rectal suppositories might be of great benefit to the lower half of your body, both to relax muscles and sooth pain. The rectum is also part of the digestive tract, a body system that can benefit from the effects of cannabinoids. It might not appeal to everyone, but don’t knock using CBD suppositories until you’ve tried it.

What are some innovations you could share? Feel free to tell us about it.

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