Affordable VPS Service Guide, Everything You Need to Know

VPSA Virtual Private Server (usually shortened to VPS), is the hosting service that provides exclusive resources like a dedicated server inside a shared server environment. In terms of hosting plans, VPS hosting is considered the most balanced due to its lower price and greater capabilities than a shared hosting plan.

VPS hosting grants its user root access to the server. You can easily customize initial settings and install any applications without having to wait for the hosting provider, unlike using a shared hosting plan. VPS is commonly used by SaaS providers, game makers, programmers, and companies that need a reliable server to support traffic to sites.

It’s important to know what to look when choosing a cheap VPS plan.

Understanding VPS hosting services

While many VPS hosting providers exist, finding one that fits your personal needs can be a challenge. Here are several things to note when choosing a decent VPS supplier.

Managed or Unmanaged server

Hosting providers typically offer managed or unmanaged VPS plans. The difference between these two lies in the server management aspect. If you have knowledge and skill to manage the server (specifically its technical aspects), then an unmanaged VPS plan is your choice.

In contrast, if you think that you do not have the required skills or do not have the time to manage it by yourself – you prefer to let the hosting provider do it for you – choose the managed VPS plan.

Backup Service and Assurance

It’s important to have a backup service plan to secure your site from DDOS attacks, data misconfigurations, changes to server software that impact programs in use, and so on.

24/7 Client assistance

It is highly recommended that you choose the VPS supplier that gives you full-time assistance.

The Best Affordable VPS 2020 Guide

Picking a hosting service is crucial since everything from the speed and unwavering quality of your site to its security and uptime heavily depends on the VPS plan that you apply for. In order to choose a hosting service correctly, let us take a look below at several things that you should take into your considerations in choosing the best cheap VPS for your site.

1. Consider what sort of hosting service you need

To know exactly what type of hosting service that you need, you can ask yourself some of these questions prior to making your decision.

• What kind of site will you make?

• Will you make more than one site?

• What specific necessities will you need for your site?

• Do you need extra features, for instance, email hosting or an SSL certificate?

2. Understand any limitations to client care

Client care is essential when it comes to choosing the best hosting provider, especially when you need to deal with some technical tasks of the server and need quick help from the hosting provider. Besides, you also have to know about how the customer support contacts you, whether it is a direct visit, email, or phone call.

3.  Security

Another critical issue is security, especially if you run a website that deals with storing and sending sensitive information like ID card/Visa numbers. You have to know the level of protection of the hosting plan that you want to utilize.

4. Compare pricing of various hosting plans

Unquestionably, you need to pick a hosting plan that matches your budget. Calculate how much you have to spend each month. You may also have to compare the hosting plans from several hosting providers. In doing so, you will know which one can provide the hosting plan that suits your needs and budget.

Customer Reviews

In ensuring that you choose the right VPS plan from the best hosting provider. You may want to check the customer reviews. By doing it, you will know how good a hosting provider is, its hosting plan, and how a hosting provider deals with the customers when they in need of assistance.

Uptime Guarantees or SLA

This aspect should be your number one priorities especially when you run a website for business or professional purposes. You need to make sure about the uptime guarantee or service level agreement (SLA) from your hosting provider. In doing so, you know that your site is accessible 24/7.

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