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Ben Garrison – Hillary just won’t go away. Now she’s subjecting us to her mewling about how unfair things were and how deplorable people were to her. She tells us that she didn’t even bother writing her concession speech. As if she ever wrote anything.


She pays scriptwriters for that. Now another writer has ghostwritten her latest book in which she blames everyone but herself. She even blames Bernie Sanders, from whom she stole the primaries. Sanders, being the politically correct wimp that he is, even supported the thieving witch, but Hillary blamed him regardless.

She blamed Trump for annoying her at one of the debates. He came too close to Her Majesty and she wished she had told him to ‘Back up, you creep!’ She probably wanted to say worse—and she did say worse to the Secret Service agents who protected her. What an inconvenience it must have been for her to actually have to spend her valuable time to debate Trump.

Oh sure, she made sure she got the questions provided to her in advance, but she still had to go through the motions and debate Trump. What an aggravation! Apparently she wanted the Presidency handed to her by default. She said she was ‘gobsmacked’ when Americans had the nerve to reject her. The problem is, she won’t shut her gob now.

In addition, the Hildebeast predictably blamed ‘sexism’ and ‘misogyny’ for her loss. She complained Americans were too backward to want a female commander in chief. Wrong. Americans simply didn’t want YOU, Hillary. We’re sick of your lies, your alignment with the deep state and the central bankers who paid you many millions of dollars for a short speech. We’re sick of your contemptuous sense of entitlement, and your long list of crimes that you have gotten away with just because the Illuminati has your back.

Hillary also got away with operating an unprotected private server for her pay-for-play schemes. She obstructed justice by deleting thousands of emails to cover up her crime. Then she lied about doing it. She bleached her sever to hide evidence.

The Clintons amassed a $240 million fortune according to Forbes. By doing what? What business did they have? Their business was to rip off America. Hillary in particular has always been a money grubber. That’s why she’s now asking over $2,000 for a personal ‘meet and greet’ during her book tour. The Clintons love making money by gaming the system. They use their political connections to sell out America for profit.

Remember Bill pardoning the billionaire Marc Rich? In return, a hefty sum was donated to The Clinton Foundation, which is nothing but a money laundering operation. It makes it easier for them to cook the books. The Clintons used their foundation as a filter to siphon off aid meant for Haiti earthquake victims. The Clintons are immoral grifters and an insult to America. They’ve left a very long trail of dead bodies. Seth Rich released info about the DNC corruption and rigging to WikiLeaks. He was murdered as a result. Prosecutors and investigators also have a habit of washing up dead.

Hillary enjoyed the rabid support of the mainstream media who raved about her being a historic and extremely experienced candidate. They dragged Trump through the mud for her at ever turn. The DNC rigged her nomination and she spent over a billion dollars on her campaign. The debates with Trump were rigged in her favor. She was up against a man with no political experience. She still lost because too many Americans are fed up with the Clintons. They can’t stand Hillary and the system that rigged everything in her favor.

History needs to slam the book shut on the Clintons.

—Ben Garrison

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