Co-Operating with the Universe

universeJennifer Hoffman – There is something we can do to make our lives much easier and yet we don’t consider it unless we are in deep trouble, totally frustrated, or at the end of our proverbial rope. This process is so simple and it’s part of our energy agreement with the Universe which states that manifestation happens when we supply the intention and the Universe provides the energy to fulfill it. It is part of our co-operative agreement to create our individual and collective reality and it works very well when we use it the right way. Co-operating with the Universe is how we create heaven on earth and our human/divine partnership to receive all of the blessings that are part of it.

To understand the principle of universal co-operation, let’s look at the word ‘co-operate’. ‘Co’ means together or with, and ‘operate’ means to work. To co-operate means to work together. Think of you as the driver of the car and the Universe as the steering wheel. Or you are the glass and the Universe is the water that will fill it to quench your thirst. Co-operation with the Universe requires a connection so that the pieces fit and work together, along with the action that we must take. One can exist without the other but they don’t work unless they are connected and someone is moving the energy.

Our co-operative agreement is very simple:  We provide the energy container using our intention, intuition, and integration and the Universe provides the energy. Seems simple, what could go wrong?

This is the tricky part, the Universe does not co-operate with us by telling us what to do, giving us things we do not intend or ask for, or fix anything on our behalf. Co-operation doesn’t mean that we will be taken care of without our participation or that our journey will be easy (meaning we sit back and do nothing while the Universe works on our behalf). The co-operation between us and the Universe requires that we bring three elements to the table to create a seamless transition between intention and manifestation, where energy becomes form.

The first element is our intention, which is what sets the co-operation process in motion. When we set an intention we create an energy container that the Universe must fill. That is a universal law and the Universe has no choice in the matter. ‘If we open the energetic space for it, it will happen.’

The second element is our integration or our ability to make the outcome we are manifesting part of our lives. This is a product of our energetic frequency and vibration, the beliefs we hold about what we deserve to have, and the reality that we are prepared to accept for ourselves. We can have whatever we want as long as we can create physical, emotional, mental, and energetic space for it in our lives.

The third element is intuition, which is our inner guidance system and connect to spirit that allows us to know what is right for us and what is not. Our intuition allows us to fine tune the process and to ensure that we are aligned with every aspect of what we are creating in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

When we feel the process isn’t working or things go ‘wrong’, it’s because we are either not doing our part, or we are putting the Universe in c harge of both the energy and the manifestation, and allowing it to do all of the work in what is supposed to be shared responsibility. We ignore our part in the process, which is to create the energy container with our intention and then keep the energy moving in that direction. Creation is not a one-off deal, it is a daily effort at taking energetic action, staying focused, and fine tuning the process with our intention every step of the way. We get disappointed when things do not move quickly enough, not realizing that it is in the ‘slow’ periods that we are working on our own alignment and integration and fine tuning the outcome.

No matter what we set our intention for, the Universe will respond with the energy to fulfill it as our co-creative partner. It works  with us during the rest of the process too but it doesn’t do the work for us. We become masters of the co-operative creation process when we remember that the Universe is our partner, and not our master, and that it views us as infinitely powerful, unlimited, and wise and it will guide us along the way, support our every intention, and provide encouragement in the form of sending us the energy we need to create our own heaven on earth.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

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