Coming Out Of Psychological Hibernation

new moonLorna Bevan – Although we experienced a shift at the Aries Equinox on March 21st, we are still in the critical threshold point of the whole astrological year. The period between the New Moon in Pisces and Sunday’s New Moon in Aries is a time of dissolution of the whole cycle of the last year, to allow new energy to begin to arise from 11/12th April at the Aries New Moon.

Don’t try to jump ahead or push the river – that way you risk aborting the last crucial stage of alchemical change. Instead, allow this week’s liminal space to bring profound insights into what the waning cycle of the last year since March 2020 has been about and what the newly-forming one might bring. Re-emergence takes as much, if not more, psychic energy that hibernation, as you allow your compass to re-set to Self as Source.

The Aries New Moon marks the new cycle of the Astrological New Year with a firework display – a Super Conjunction of Chiron/ Mercury/ Ceres/ Sun/ Moon/ Eris and Venus. Cardinal Fire sign Aries works through the 1st Ray of Will and Power, so it’s time to show up and engage in birthing what is emerging. This means identifying new paradigms just appearing over the horizon and following the clues. It’s a time to gently initiate something new and untried in your life-no matter how small it may seem.

As Within, So Without… mirroring your inner shifts, expect some outer disruption as the New Moon in a powerful conjunction with Venus, Disruptor Eris and Mercury sets off several days of frictional squares to Pluto in Capricorn.

The Chandra Symbol New Moon ARIES 23: A bottle labelled “Drink Me.”

“The force of events sweeps away who we thought we were and plunges us to a deeper place beyond the known.

The sheer immediacy, the sudden clarity shifts mountains of intent into a different octave altogether. Being taken by storm is the most direct path from here to there.

And when cosmic worlds are urgently coming through, the only smart thing is to step aside and make a huge amount of room for unexpected guests, at events you could never have arranged in your wildest dreams.” Inside Degrees  Elias Lonsdale

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Apr 2021

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