Common Types Of Car Accidents

Car accidents can subject you to physical injuries and psychological trauma. The causes of these accidents are vast, ranging from careless driving to driving under the influence (DUI) — among other reasons. The extent of the injuries is determined by the usage of seatbelts, the level of impact, and the position of the impact.

We should never ignore the effects of trauma caused by an accident, especially where there is loss of life or gory injuries. Psychological trauma after a car accident can last for days, months, or even years. The situation is even worse for younger victims. If you ever find yourself in this situation, it is vital to undergo psychological counseling.

Compensation for your car accident injuries will likely be a top priority as well. Below, we will discuss four of the most common types of car accidents;

1. Single vehicle accidents

In these types of accidents, only one car is involved. Possible situations include ramming into stationary objects such as trees, boulders, poles, walls, or other obstacles. This poses a high risk to you or your passengers. The injuries sustained will largely be determined by the speed of the impact and whether or not safety devices such as safety belts were used. In the event of such an accident, it is essential to call or wait for help.

2. Multiple car accidents

These accidents involve more than two vehicles. They are common in busy highways, and they can be blamed on careless driving, vehicle system failure, or even poor weather. In most cases, these accidents trigger a lot of legal battles motivated by the unwillingness of drivers and/or insurance companies to accept responsibility. If the accidents result in severe or major injuries, it is vital you seek medical attention first. You could then seek compensation after the investigations into the accidents are complete.

3. Side impact car accidents

These accidents are also referred to as t-bone accidents. They commonly occur in less busy intersections when careless drivers are tempted to ignore the standard traffic rules. The extent of damage caused by these types of collisions depends on the speed and the exact position of impact. Strapping a safety belt can significantly reduce the impact of the crash. Again if you are not so lucky and sustain injuries, it is vital to seek medical attention first before seeking justice or compensation through your attorney.

4. Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are one of the most common types of accidents. They also claim the highest number of victims. They occur when vehicles traveling in opposite directions collide. They can be blamed on bad weather, fatigue, driving under the influence (DUI), or vehicle systems failures. If you are caught up in such an accident, it is important not to get aggressive with the other party (if you are not injured).

Getting aggressive with them might worsen their situation if they are injured. Be the first to help or to seek help. If you are injured, it is important to stay calm as much as you can. Wait for help. Make sure you are treated and discharged before pressing charges. Your health must always come first.

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