Core of Self-Realization

selfKate Spreckley – The energy of this year has and continues to offer us one alchemical moment after another as the magic of transformation merges with the power of creation. Within this time, we have been urged to dive deeply into the mysteries of our soul and to bring to the surface a new reality. As a result, unexpected and sudden events have transpired disrupting the status quo of our lives and pushing us towards change.

Last week’s Full Moon added some jet fuel to your process as the incoming energies triggered the resolution of some deep-seated imbalances and the clearing of old karmic entanglements.

This week the energies move deeper into your subconscious mind to illuminate that which you don’t normally see. This will give you to opportunity to eliminate old self-destructive habits and patterns of addiction, attachment, and abuse.

The choices you make now can take you to the core of self-realization and bring a new level of self-mastery. Look carefully at what is being revealed and know that this is a time of true liberation where you can finally break free from the old repetitive cycles which have defined your life.

Much love, Kate

© 2021 Kate Spreckley

SF Source Spirit Pathways Oct 2021

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