Coronavirus Restrictions Increasingly Arbitrary Despite Evidence

vaccineLiberty Planet – Early in the so-called “pandemic,” we saw many instances of nations that took different approaches to resisting the spread of COVID-19. We saw countries do full lockdowns, harass, arrest, and shut down the business of decent people, and draft suffocating mask mandates. At the same time, we saw countries that did relatively little to restrict the freedoms of their citizens in the name of fighting the disease.

In both cases, we saw infection rates that were about the same — with slightly better results for the ones with more relaxed restrictions. So, it would seem that staying in your house, breathing the same air over and over, forgoing exercise, and not getting enough sunlight make a person more likely to develop the worst symptoms of the disease.

Now that we have states like Florida and Texas taking the lead in restoring their citizen’s natural freedoms despite the fear-mongering of politicians and the media — we have a wealth of domestic data similar to the international data described above. In short, it is now incontrovertible that trying to hide from a virus is a fool’s errand.

But none of this is controversial, not in the true sense of the word.

What is startling is the new liberties that are being announced to be gifted to those who take the vaccine. According to the CDC those who get “immunized” will be permitted to do physical activities outdoors. They will be allowed to attend small gatherings with other vaccinated lemmings. They will be allowed to dine outdoors with the occupants of multiple households.

For those who remain unvaccinated, the present restrictions will remain in effect. If you remain un-vaccinated you will be expected to wear a mask in public. Your business will be closed or restricted and you will have your movements circumscribed.

How will all of this be enforced you ask? Good question. There is only one way to enforce such a comprehensive reordering of society. It would require checkpoints at locations throughout communities. It would require mandatory checkpoints in store parking lots. You would have to show your vaccination card at the entrance to any significant meeting place. Police would have to be tasked with the job of seeking out and checking the papers of anyone and everyone they possibly can. Being chased by police will become normal.

The amount of national finding it would consume would be on par with the National Guard, at least. It would fully reorder your daily life. It would cost you at the register as grocery stores would have to pay to accommodate the measures. And, not to be forgotten, it would require you to carry an app on your phone or an RDIF chip that would make your vaccination status readily trackable.

If Americans let this happen, it would mean tyranny like we have never seen before in this country.

Yet still, there has never been a successful or effective vaccine for any Coronavirus. That is why there is no vaccine for the common cold.

It is madness upon madness.

SF Source Liberty Planet May 2021

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