Moving Into 2018

lifeMary O’Malley – As you move into 2018, it is good to lift yourself up out of your everyday life and see it from a more spacious perspective.  I have a couple of armchairs up on the moon and I invite you to come sit there for the next few minutes. As you settle into your comfortable chair, there before you is your home—a beautiful blue-green jewel of a planet that is dancing through oceans of space.  Now zoom your attention in for a closer look so you can see the depth of her exquisite creativity—mountain meadows full of wild flowers, majestic icebergs, eagles soaring, raging storms, cascading waterfalls that can take your breath away, jungles full of colorful parrots, and all kinds of baby creatures playing.

If you look closely, you will see that most human beings are walking around with clouds of thoughts surrounding their heads.  Rather than being here for the amazing creativity and beauty of Life, they are totally absorbed in their thoughts.  They think about life rather than being present for life.  If you could hear their thoughts, you would see that they are usually struggling with what is happening in their lives.  Mostly it is little struggles like frustration at the length of a stoplight, but this causes a subtle sense of unease.  And at times in their lives these struggles can become gigantic, throwing them into pits of self-loathing and despair.

Now, with your attention, zoom into exactly where you are on this planet.  As you look down upon yourself reading this blog, you can see and acknowledge that oftentimes you, too, have clouds around your head.  This addiction to struggle was conditioned inside of you when you were very young, but you don’t have to live your life being run by this conditioning. Imagine your cloud bank thinning. See yourself recognizing that you are not the struggles that fill up your head all day long!  And see joy begin to dance through your whole being as you open again into Life.

Of course, the addiction to struggle will take over again, but see yourself more and more quickly recognizing when you are struggling rather than being here.  Then see yourself unhooking from the thoughts of struggle, and instead, relaxing back into this moment, letting go to the great river of creativity that is Life.  This is not only possible, it is your destiny.

Now see more and more people dispelling their thought-clouds and connecting with their lives again.  This is not only possible, but it is absolutely necessary. From your moon perspective, you can observe the suffering on this planet—people killing other people, children dying of starvation, human beings doing unspeakable acts to themselves and others in the name of self-hatred and others drowning in a sea of despair.

Healing does not come from trying to stop all this suffering. That is just more struggle. It comes instead from one person at a time healing their addiction to struggle.  It comes from you seeing through your clouds and thus becoming more present for your life.  The more present you are, the less likely that you would do anything to cause harm to yourself, to your loved ones, to all people, to all creatures and to the planet itself.   The more you unhook from the addiction to struggle, the more you become a healing presence in the world.

SF Source Mary O’Malley Jan 2018

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