Something Happened In Nancy Pelosi’s Backyard That Killed The Blue Wave

CongressAmerican Patriot Daily – The Democrats’ hopes for a blue wave in November rests on racking up victories in California.

Liberals are counting on the Golden State to provide a chunk of the seats they need to win back Congress.

But something happened in Nancy Pelosi’s backyard that spells bad news for the Democrats.

In October 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB54 which made California a sanctuary state.

The legislation bans state and local agencies – except for the Department of Correction and Rehabilitations – from enforcing holds on illegal immigrants in police custody.

Illegal aliens can be released instead of being held until federal authorities collect them for deportation.

The bill also bans local law enforcement from being deputized to enforce immigration law and blocks them from asking about a suspect’s immigration status.

Finally, it blocks contracts to expand the use of California facilities as detention centers.

While this thrilled the resistance base of the Democrat Party, it did not sit well with ordinary California residents.

Don Rosenberg is a retired publishing executive whose son Drew was killed in 2010 in a car accident involving an illegal alien who had been granted temporary protected status.

Rosenberg – who is a life-long Democrat – is spearheading a drive to put repealing SB54 on the ballot this November.

The “Angel Father” gave an interview to the Daily Caller and explained why SB54 is a terrible law and needs to be repealed.

Rosenberg stated:

“… its main purpose is to protect criminals. Not people who have come here illegally, but people who have come here illegally and then committed additional crimes.

When people read it, they’re aghast. Why would you do that? Why would you protect somebody who’s committed a crime and shouldn’t have been here to begin with?

The one thing about California is that its legislators are much further to the left — I would say “out there” is a better term — than the voters in general. I’ve been a Democrat my whole life — it was only two years ago that I said “no more.”

The Democrats control the state. They have total power over passing every bill, and I think each guy is trying to out-crazy the next. They get away with it because there’s no real opposition [in Sacramento]. So things have gotten absolutely nuts.”
This push to repeal SB54 could crush the Democrats dreams of winning back the House.

Democrats need to flip 23 seats to win back the House.

And they are targeting ten GOP districts in California to provide nearly half the total necessary to install Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House.

But Republicans are counting on this ballot drive – as well as the presence of GOP Gubernatorial candidate John Cox at the top of the ticket – to drive GOP voters to the polls.

And there is data that suggests this could be the case.

While California is a liberal state, a recent poll conducted by Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley found that 59 percent of Californians favored more deportations of illegal aliens.

Democrats support for open borders and opposing immigration enforcement is a fringe position.

And Republicans now have top of the ticket motivations to show up in November.

Even a slight boost in GOP turnout in California could be enough to save endangered Republican incumbents or hold open seat races.

And California – of all places – could end up being the firewall against the expected blue wave.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the midterm elections.

SF Source American Patriot Daily Jul 2018

2 thoughts on “Something Happened In Nancy Pelosi’s Backyard That Killed The Blue Wave

  1. The elitists have no better proving ground for “Mad Max” than in California. Defeating the “blue wave” there is vital to the restoring of America.

    1. It’s an absolute disgrace what Jerry Brown et al. have done to California. They (Brown, Waters, Pelosi) should be tried for crimes against humanity. They are THAT bad! California needs new SANE leadership.

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