Did These 3 Trump Betrayers Take Cash From George Soros?

bookEven though this week’s news was dominated by the Derek Chauvin verdict and the Columbus, Ohio police shooting, there was one other bit of news that helped to fill some airtime. Three familiar names from Donald Trump’s time in office suddenly all landed multimillion-dollar book deals. The names are Amy Coney Barrett, Bill Barr and Mike Pence.

Do you think those three goofs can sell $8 million worth of books between them now, especially since most Americans hate them? Not a chance! But the point is not book sales. These are payoffs from the globalist elites for “services rendered” in the 2020 election.

The publishing industry is a giant scam, in case you haven’t noticed. Hunter Biden snagged a $2 million advance on his book that came out recently. It sold several thousand copies and fizzled out after the first week. Great $2 million investment, publishing industry!

For those who don’t know, book advances work like this: A publisher pays an author an advance against a book. After the book is published, the author is never paid for any book sales until after the amount of that advance is earned back by the publisher. Did any thinking adult really believe a Hunter Biden book would sell $2 million worth of copies in order to break even, let alone make a profit? Of course not. That was a payoff to the Biden administration under the guise of a book deal.

Likewise, Amy Coney Barrett, Bill Barr and Mike Pence won’t be selling millions of dollars’ worth of books.

If you really want to know how the publishing industry works, just explore the ownership of the largest book publishers in America – the ones that can afford to pay Bill Barr $2 million for a book that no one will ever read.

Penguin Random House is the largest publishing company in America, headquartered in New York City. But Penguin is actually owned by a company in Germany called Bertelsmann, a private multinational conglomerate that was founded with money from the family of the late King Baudouin of Belgium… and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. (This is just Wikipedia-level research, by the way, and you can easily look it up yourself.)

Here’s another one of the top publishing companies in America that you’re probably heard of if you have kids: Macmillan Publishing Ltd. They print most of the world’s school textbooks.

Macmillan was originally owned by another German company called Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. It was founded years ago by a guy named George von Holtzbrinck, also known as Nazi Party Member #2,126,353. (Winner of the Order of Merit from Germany and the Decoration of Honour from Austria! And you’re keeping your kids in the public schools because…?)

Holtzbrinck was trying to expand its educational offerings into Hong Kong through one of its subsidiary publishers in 2007 when it was suddenly purchased in a hostile takeover by Harvard University’s endowment, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and (now stop me if you’ve heard this one before!) George Soros’ investment fund.

So, that’s two of the largest publishers in the US, which account for nearly 70% of all books sold in America every year… and George Soros has his ownership tentacles in both of them. That’s only two publishers – and I could keep going, but I don’t want to bore you.

Amy Coney Barrett, who could have voted to hear the Trump 2020 election cases but instead became the fifth deciding vote every time to dismiss the cases for “lack of standing,” is getting $2 million for her book deal. It’s supposedly going to be about how to separate your feelings from how you rule in the courtroom. Snooooozer! Who’s eager to read that? Does anyone think that was worth a $2 million advance?

Bill Barr is also getting a $2 million advance to write a book about his whole two super-eventful years in the White House. It’s probably going to take a while to write it, since Barr isn’t exactly a go-getter. I have some title suggestions for him:

“How to Sit Around Like a Lump for Two Years While Not Actually Doing Anything.”

“Titillating Hannity Viewers with a Fictional Character Named Durham.”

Or, how about: “Maybe I Should Have Looked into That Whole Antifa Idea – Not!”

And Mike Pence is being paid not one but two book advances for a total of $4 million. I’m sure the public is really eager to read those $4 million worth of pages. He’ll probably write about how he courageously certified “most secure election ever” during the middle of a deadly insurrection. The bigger the betrayal, the bigger the payoff, amiright?

Nothing to see here, folks! Just three people who betrayed President Donald Trump and received $8 million in book advances from companies that are part-owned by George Soros.

2024 can’t come soon enough.

SF Source The League of Power Apr 2021

2 thoughts on “Did These 3 Trump Betrayers Take Cash From George Soros?

  1. It is actually physically sickening
    That all of these people are so willing to decide that I , as part of the American public, am seen as nothing , and that my life can be destroyed without consequence
    To any of the players in this truly evil game of theirs.
    I’m watching my country and my freedom and everything I’ve worked so hard for disintegrate, while they continue to enrich themselves.
    Why is George Soros not in prison?
    Or Dead?

    1. Soros lives because he is an asset to the Deep State. The corruption is global. Its nucleus is the United States. There are a lot of linked parts to this take down (US gov’t corruption – all branches, pedophilia, human trafficking, off shore banking, int’l corporations, social media, mainstream media, Hollywood, etc.)

      I do believe we will see positive action re the elimination of this demonic evil over the coming months and years, starting with results from the AZ forensic audit. -g

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