Difficult To Watch Someone You Care About Self Destruct

self destructVeronica – It is always difficult to watch someone you care about self destruct. The frustration you feel, when you cannot seem to get through to them how negative their choices are, is excruciating.

If you are a parent the advice you give often is unnoticed in the sea of distraction your child moves through every day.  Road blocks that are completely identifiable by your perception often are completely out of the range of comprehension by the offspring.

This also can be experienced in male/female relationships, family, etc.  What does one do when you see someone out of control and they will not listen?  Or if they do, they make the poor choices anyway?

First of all the other party may be creating a circumstance, for the consequence of their choice, for a reason.  Let them find their own paths, especially if this is the case.  There is usually an underlying negative reason for such behavior.  Often stemming from personal perspective of the self.  When an individual becomes dissatisfied with their behavior they often create lessons that will escalate the learning process.

If you are of a belief system that adheres to god inspired right and wrong, then you will find this recitation unusable.  If you are determined to take responsibility for yourself then read on.

If someone is focused upon self destruction there is not much you can do but let them go.  They created the drama for a reason.  Let them experience it without padding the outcome.  If the issue is large they will repeat the cycle until they complete the task.

So forgive your frustration.  Keep the advice flowing but understand that it may not be enough to get their attention.  It is possible they will hit rock bottom.  Sometimes that is necessary to ultimately fly with the eagles.

SF Source Inner Whispers Oct 2019

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