Documents Prove That The Obama DOJ and FBI Spied On Trump

FBIThe Horn News – Disgraced former FBI director James Comey has tried to remake himself as a voice of moral authority.

But a new report exposes the ugly skeletons in his closet — and it will make heads explode across America.

Fox News says it has evidence that Comey was operating “a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operation” against the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. And it all links straight back to former President Barack Obama.

The documents obtained by the network’s Gregg Jarrett via the Freedom of Information Act paint a picture of a Justice Department that was weaponized to target a rival politician.

As most Americans now know… as it has been absolutely impossible to avoid… the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign DURING the 2016 election based on little more than rumor and innuendo.

The heart of that investigation was the infamously biased “dossier” funded by Democrats and collected by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

But Jarrett said the new documents reveal that the FBI was warned – repeatedly – that Steele was “virulently biased” against Trump.

“I told them that Steele was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected,” Bruce Ohr, a top Justice Department official, told Congress last year.

Comey’s team – operating under Obama (who was openly campaigning for Hillary Clinton) – ignored the warning.

Even worse, they HID that critical detail about Steele’s bias from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court when they used the dossier to obtain a warrant for surveillance against Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

Jarrett said Steele was ultimately “fired” as a source by the FBI for leaking to the media.

But they didn’t share that with the court, either.

And even then… even after he was fired… Jarrett said the documents show the FBI continued to rely on him as a source. Ohr continued to meet with Steele despite warning his superiors that the ex-spy was “desperate” to prevent Trump from winning the election.

Ohr even admitted in his closed-door testimony last year – details of which only recently became public – that he was well aware of Steele’s problems, but turned to him anyway.

“At some point I became aware he had been terminated,” he said. “But nevertheless, when I receive information from Chris Steele I’m not going to sit on it.”

This would seem to vindicate Trump’s claims that a “deep state” group of lifetime public officials were working overtime against his campaign and his election.

And now, those same officials could be working to undermine him from inside his own administration.

“It should be remembered that a counterintelligence investigation is designed to collect evidence of foreign threats to U.S. national security,” Jarrett wrote. “Normally, the president is the beneficiary of such information.”

Instead, this was kept President from President Trump even after he won the election and took office.

“Comey’s FBI was abusing its counterintelligence authority by using it against Trump,” Jarrett wrote. “Moreover, Comey appears to have been lying to the president about it.”

The explosive new report comes amid new scrutiny of a possible cover-up by high-level FBI insiders after Comey was fired.

Judicial Watch said documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act reveal that Comey not only had classified files in his home, but had kept them after he was sacked.

Agents found at least four memos related to his interactions with Trump, and Comey admitted that there were two more unaccounted for.

“These extraordinary FBI docs further confirm that James Comey should never have had FBI files on President Trump at his home and that the FBI failed to secure and protect these private and classified files,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton wrote in Breitbart.

Comey allegedly leaked details of those memos, leading to gushing coverage in the press and helping to remake his public image from one of a failed FBI leader slammed by Democrats and Republicans alike to a “resistance” darling of the media left.

But Fitton said Comey’s no hero. He’s possibly a criminal.

“Comey’s illegal leaking of these FBI files as part of his vendetta against President Trump (directly resulting in the corrupt appointment of Robert Mueller) ought to be the subject of a criminal investigation,” he wrote.

So far, the Justice Department has refused to act against Comey.

With these disturbing new revelations, that could change… and soon.

SF Source The Horn News Aug 2019

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