Does God Care?

godJennifer Hoffman – I found this comment while reading some old articles from 2012 and although I could sympathize with the writer who felt that God didn’t care if she suffered because she wasn’t getting any help in changing her life situation, I also noted how much blame she was putting on everything because her life wasn’t moving forward.

How many times have we cried and railed at the Universe because nothing is changing, forgetting that we are energetically sovereign, the state of our reality is our responsibility, and we have to put our healing into action. We don’t need permission from anyone or anything to act but we do need to act, starting with changing our belief system to create the fulfilling, joyful, loving reality we want to have.

Here’s the comment:

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“I don’t understand what I believe is circular logic that essentially reads, “God doesn’t care how much you hurt and he’s made everything so complicated that you can’t possibly manifest what you desire”. Throughout the deepest devotion and meditations I have never been able to manifest anything at all. While I can always locate my fears I have no vaguest idea how to let go of them. I have long suspected that the whole ‘process’ of ascension is completed on subconscious levels. Why doesn’t the Universe just come right out and say. “You will suffer horribly until you don’t and there’s nothing you can do about it” If energies must be experienced before you can be rid of them then why not just say so? God does not seem to care one wit if you lose your mind in the process. I grow weary of hearing that Everything is Perfect and I’m not really suffering horribly, I just think I am. One is inclined to think that if I haven’t learned what I need to heal myself by now, maybe it’s because the teacher sucks. I could not have put more effort into healing myself and yet….nothing.”

After reading it, I was reminded of a time in my life when I was unemployed, had no money, was sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor of a friend’s apartment and wondering how in the heck I ended up there. I was a smart, educated, experienced, professional adult woman – what happened to my life? I would cry out to God every night, sobbing in fear and frustration, telling God he was making a mess of my life and I just wanted to go home. Then I would wake up every morning, look around and say ‘Darn it, I’m still here.’

I did this every night and morning for six months because I believed the only way to solve my problems was to die during the night, peacefully and painlessly.

While I was upset at my situation, I was even more upset that God was not answering me in my time of need. I had been a good person, didn’t I deserve some relief? Why was there total silence in my time of extreme need? I got my answer in a dream in which I went to God’s office and complained about my situation and he responded by putting me in the ‘waiting room’ until I could figure out who had the real power in my life. It was such an upsetting dream that I woke up crying, sure that God had totally abandoned me.

So what is going on when our lives turn upside down and we cannot seem to figure out what to do? Does God care and how do we know if we never get any support or help? That is a question that we actually can’t and should not ask although it is the first one we think of. It is impossible for us to be separated from our divine connection but that doesn’t give us a free ride either. Energetic sovereignty demands two things, belief and action.

The writer stated ‘through deepest devotion and meditation I can’t manifest anything’ and they are right because the Law of Action, a universal law, states that we must take action in order to manifest. If wishing created our reality we would all be in a far different place but that is not how the process works. While meditation is great for finding the inner voice, it’s our willingness to stop engaging in healing cycles until we are ‘perfect’ and start taking action to see what is possible that unlocks our potential and creates transformation in our lives.

Belief is the filter through which universal energy is translated. Our beliefs are mirrored in our reality. If we’re penniless, homeless, and living on the edge of disaster, that’s not God at work, it is our beliefs at work. If we’re ready to have a happier, more fulfilling life, we need to put new beliefs in place that will filter the energy in a more positive, beneficial way.

We can find empowerment in being Martyred Healers, complaining daily about how bad things are, which just continues the energy in that direction. What this writer is saying is that she is so afraid of creating a reality that is filled with joy, love, and peace that she would rather be at war with herself and stay in the blame, shame, and guilt. Did you notice that she blames everyone, including teachers, for her situation? This is like cooking a wonderful meal and never sitting at the table to eat it. We cannot expect anyone or anything to feed us at the table of our blessings, we have to be willing to feed ourselves, to pick up our fork and start eating.

My advice to that writer is to stop the pity party and examine her own heart. What does her life look like when she is not sad, afraid, or suffering? She has no idea and is too afraid to try but until she does, she is never going to get out of the healing cycles she has created to prevent her from moving forward in her life.

This is a tough choice when one’s empowerment is wrapped around their suffering. I was there too once and I had plenty to complain about, including being paralyzed by a vaccine and being unable to move or walk during 5 years of my childhood (you can read about it in my From Victim to Victor book at this link).

Although I healed from the paralysis and eventually did walk again, the victim consciousness that experience created took decades to heal. Eventually I had to realize that sharing my suffering story was creating a reality of suffering and what I feared most was being successful, happy, and fulfilled and losing it all in a single moment, which is what happened with my paralysis.

Call it what you want – conquering, overcoming, releasing, resisting, or healing  your fear – it is a choice to move from victim to victor, from being sad, afraid, and angry to taking a chance on joy, empowerment, freedom, and peace. The cost of that choice is to see yourself free from fear and living a fulfilling life.

But if you are empowered as a victim, it is going to take a lot of effort to find a new source of empowerment, one that is truly empowering, uplifting, and satisfying without being afraid you are risking long term failure and unhappiness for short term success and joy.

Can you transcend your victim story to create a more empowered reality? It’s just one step, from the darkness of despair into the light of the truth of who you are, a powerful spark of divinity, Source light in action that will allow that change to become possible. It’s a challenge we all face today and it’s a big leap into our own energetic sovereignty but it is the next turning point in this ascension cycle, as we continue through the process of 3D/5D integration, creating our personal heaven on earth and expanding that light into the world.

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