Top Natural Healing Aids That Are Very Easy to Find

Have you ever been reading a list of the top remedies for a specific ailment or illness and thought to yourself “well, that sounds nice, now if only I knew where to find it?” Like most of us, you’re probably tired of being recommended obscure and rare herbs that the majority of the population will never even encounter, let alone use on a regular basis. Even some of the most common natural medicines are still often difficult to find in certain places.

Fortunately, the human body can do an amazing job of healing itself, even when given the minimal components needed to survive, and luckily for humans, there are plenty of rejuvenating things scattered about just waiting to be used. With that said, here are the top ten natural healing aids that most people will be able to find with ease:


healingNot too long ago this would’ve been quite difficult to find for many people, but now it can be legally bought and sold online and in stores in many states. In case you’re not familiar with CBD, it’s a cannabinoid isolated from the cannabis plant, but since the concentrate doesn’t contain any THC it produces no psychoactive effect.

CBD oil has been shown to be a powerful painkiller and anti-inflammatory medication. For those who have been injured in a serious accident, like a car crash, that pain relief can be vital. Working with a car accident law firm in the Bronx can provide the financial help you need, but you may still need pain relief for your devastating injuries. CBD oil can provide that relief.

It can also be administered via vapor for extremely quick relief by taking dabs or vaporizing. It’s edible as well, so it can be added to baked goods for a slower effect that is just as potent.


You can find a good meditation session in any peaceful spot where you can sit down and close your eyes. It might seem like new age nonsense and hippy magic to some, but science has proven that meditation does in fact have a measurable effect on mental health and the rate of healing.

Meditating gives your body a chance to relax while giving your mind the free time it needs to de-clutter and de-stress. This isn’t pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo either. Scientists have observed tangible changes in the brain related to blood pressure and stress hormones when patients begin to meditate. Various cultures have been practicing different forms of meditation and introspection for thousands of years, so it has plenty of anecdotal merit as well.


Music encourages and provokes your internal rhythm, which is responsible for everything from your sleep cycle to breathing patterns. Studies have proven that people become depressed when they’re kept from listening to any form of music for too long, and that the opposite also happens – people become less depressed after listening to more music. Of course, not everyone likes the same music, and there are no rules as to what kind of music will have what effect since we all react differently.

But it usually depends on what you’re dealing with and what you’re wanting to get from the music. If you want something that’s going to give you energy and inspire you, you might be better off with some up-tempo songs, while someone looking for sedation and help falling asleep might go for something slower and more melodic. Music’s ability to create and compliment different moods is what makes it such a special healing aid.


Once again, something that seems like it would do absolutely nothing, yet is actually a vital component to good health. The human mind and body becomes depressed when sunlight is withheld. Did you know that increased vitamin D intake has been shown to expedite healing?

Also, standing in the sun is actually the best way for your body to absorb complete vitamin D. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it and sunburn yourself, but 10-20 minutes of outside time per day is a good rule of thumb to stick to.


You can sleep just about anywhere if you’re tired enough, but for practical reasons we’ll assume that you usually go to sleep in your own bedroom at night. Even so, sadly some of us aren’t getting enough sleep and/or the quality of the sleep we’re getting is poor. As a result, the body isn’t able to sufficiently repair itself and is therefore more susceptible to pathogens, aging, depression, and other precursors to illness.

It’s an undeniable fact that getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep every night helps the body heal and regenerate faster. Most hormones and tissues are replenished and rejuvenated during sleep. A well-rested person has a much better prognosis than someone who is sleep deprived, regardless of the diagnosis.

Social Interaction

People who don’t get enough social interaction can quickly become depressed and experience anxiety issues, both of which can hinder healing. Simple fellowship with other people and having a good time with friends and family is known to lift the spirit and give patients more optimism. It has been proposed that the interaction also serves as a mental distraction and therefore helps keep stress hormones down because the patient isn’t constantly dwelling on and dreading their current condition.

Patients with lots of support and healthy social lives typically have a better chance of making full recoveries than those who are left alone or are anti-social loners. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and start chatting with strangers until they walk away from you, but do try to rekindle some old connections and maybe meet some new people if the opportunity presents itself.


You’d be surprised to learn that researchers have drawn a conclusion between laughter and an improved prognosis for recovering patients. Laughing is apparently very good for you, which makes sense because it actually feels like it is. But there’s really something more scientific than that happening when you laugh as well, and it has to do with the movement and expansion of the lungs.

The lungs are expanding and contracting at a rapid pace when you laugh. Some have theorized that laughing stimulates the adrenal glands and helps properly align the spine and internal organs. The respiratory motion also improves airflow and oxygen intake. If you’re having health problems and you haven’t had a good laugh in a while, it may be time to start adding a bit of comedy to your routine.

Breathing Exercises

Okay, so breathing exercises aren’t quite as fun as laughing, but they do work in a similar way – by activating the lungs’ incredible ability to stabilize the body. Studies have shown that people are able to do amazing things while taking control of their breathing, such as Wim Hof a.k.a Ice Man being able to submerge himself in ice cold water for extended periods of time using a special breathing technique to keep his internal temperature up.

As far as being able to find such exercises, you’ll only need to get somewhere with an internet connection one time, and once you’ve learned them you can just recall them from memory and do them anywhere, any time. It’s worth noting that breathing exercises should be done with caution and extra care should be taken to make sure you’re doing them properly, as you don’t want to be hyperventilating inadvertently.


Stretching might not be “your thing” but nonetheless it can be a great healing aid when used properly. On the other hand, overdoing it and stretching in the wrong way can be deleterious to your joints and ligaments. Still, it’s pretty easy to follow a yoga video and there are no shortage of training videos on YouTube.

Pull out a mat and you can be doing yoga almost anywhere – the beach, the office, your living room or bedroom, the backyard, you name it. Yoga is an especially useful healing aid for someone who is trying to recover from physical injuries and chronic pain related to joint problems or arthritis.

Spicy Foods

It doesn’t really matter where you go on Earth, there’s going to be some spicy cuisine in the nearest town. Even people in the poorest areas of the world enjoy their spicy dishes. Humans are oddly attracted to spicy foods because even though they cause temporary burning pain, their chemical compounds are actually good for our cardiovascular systems, immune systems, and for relieving chronic pain and inflammatory diseases.

Cayenne pepper is particularly renowned for its healing properties thanks to the presence of capsaicin, a potent natural pain killer, blood cleanser, blood pressure stabilizer, and anti-inflammatory compound. In fact, many drug companies have studied capsaicin extensively for its medicinal properties, particularly in its ability to affect blood pressure and clotting.

By using these methods one of my friends Sandra Smith had gotten pretty good results.

​Which Have You Been Missing?

If, after reading this, you’re noticing that you aren’t getting much of more than half the items on the list above, then that may be one of the reasons why you’re not in great shape at the moment. Make it a point to get a little bit of each of the 10 things above every day and you should notice that these substances and activities will drastically aid you in healing faster and in a more complete manner.

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