Easy To Use Currency Converter For United Kingdom Using BoE’s Exchange Rates

currency converterWhether you need currency information at home or need on-the-fly currency conversion internationally, these apps are a sure fire way to meet your currency needs. Having experience as an assistant manager for an international bed and breakfast, I can safely tell you that my former clients had a much smoother, stress-free trip when equipped with the appropriate means to convert currency any time, anywhere.

From Euros to Pounds, Rubles, and Yen, these apps will take that much off your plate.

1) XE Currency

In our technology-driven lives: it’s important to know that, whatever your platform, you can make your currency calculations reliably. This app is available on just about everything: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. Be kept up to date with live currency exchange rates, such as uk currency converter, see historical conversion rates, and of course: covert prices to whatever currency you may need to use.

2) CalConvert

With millions of downloads, this app is trusted by many travelers. If you have a hard time with small fonts or small buttons, this app as made for you. The app comes with large and clear buttons. And for those that will be consistently using the app, you can modify the colors and themes. With personalization and usability in mind, this app is very much recommended.

3) Currency Convert

This one goes out to the Apple users. While only available for iOS, its features are what makes this fantastic for any Apple user. In an area with lousy cellular coverage? You can download the latest exchange rates for offline use. Different currencies are easily identified with each nation’s large flag. And there will be a lot of flags; considering that there are 160 currencies to choose from. Currency Convert proudly earns its spot on the top five currency converter list.

4) My Currency Converter

We circle back to the iOS ecosystem, as this app is only available for iPhone and iPad. 150 currencies are supported, the user interface is large and clear. Where this app separates itself from the rest are two primary features: there is a switch button to invert your conversions seamlessly, and this app is accurate to three decimal points. So for the detail-oriented Apple user, this one’s for you.

5) Valuta+

Now on the list, we run into the Android exclusive app. It holds the largest currency library on this list at 170+ currencies, it works offline, has a clear user interface, and currency exchange rates are updated in real time. And with an average Google play score of 4.4, you wouldn’t be the only Android user to fall in love with the app.

In the end, which app for you will ultimately boil down to what you need to do. If cross-platform support is a necessity, we recommend XE Currency. If you know that cellular coverage will be spotty, CalConvert will be for you. If you live in the iOS ecosystem with plenty of cell coverage, the largest currency library will fall to Currency Convert. If you need three decimal accuracy on your iPhone or iPad: My Currency Converter has your name written all over it. And lastly: if you have an Android device and need the most extensive library of currencies you can get your hands on: Valuta+ is your app. Thank you for taking the time to read our article, and may your currency conversion be ever seamless.

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