Easy Ways to Invest & Save

robo advisorOne of the most important features of a well-rounded investment portfolio is the fleshing out of risk tolerance. A human advisor is a great asset when it comes to thinking through risks and investing strategy options.

A financial advisor is someone who can help you classify assets and build a portfolio around the future goals that you have for the money in your investing account. A financial plan is a powerful tool, and building an investing strategy for the long run is the only way to actually achieve those goals.

Yet human advisors are often expensive. Paying someone their standard management fee in order to build a blend of mutual funds and ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, will get you started on the path.

But there are alternatives that won’t slice off quite so much in terms of a management fee for investing your portfolio in the same ways you could on your own (if you had the time to read up on all the information your financial advisor does, of course).

A robo-advisor is a great option for those looking to eliminate much of the fee structure that they are charged on a yearly basis. The best robo advisor in Canada can often rival the same return quality of a human advisor while charging a fraction of the cost.

Invest in quality-of-life staples

Your home is your castle. There’s no denying the importance of a well-kept property in terms of your overall peace of mind and comfort. Creating a wonderful home environment is high on the priorities list of any homeowner in the U.S. or Canada, and one great way to do this is to invest in regular HVAC tuneups.

Your HVAC system powers much of the creature comforts that persist within your home. Without a fully functional air conditioning system, it can be hard to focus on the other necessities in life. This is particularly important for homeowners who are still working from home as a result of coronavirus-related changes to the office space.

Those making use of their guest bedroom or kitchen table for work hours are noticing just how noisy or inefficient the HVAC system can be at times. This is leading to an uptick in the number of air conditioning repairs that are ongoing throughout countless local areas. As the summer months press on and the temperatures rise across Canada and the United States, people are prioritizing their AC units more and more.

Yet routine maintenance is the best way to ensure that your quality of life remains at a high and uninterrupted standard. Clearing away debris from the fan blades and ensuring a consistent level of fluids within the system itself is the best way to always enjoy the space of your home.

A broken HVAC system can be a costly repair or replacement, and the time it takes to get the system back online can be an excruciating experience for those living in the home. With routine maintenance and tuneup work, you can ensure that the downtime of your AC unit is minimal throughout the year.

By focusing on these areas of your home life, improving your comfort and financial health can be made far easier.

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