This eclipse ‘solar imprint’ comes to give us new hope

Gillian Macbeth Louthan – As we wine and dine and fool ourselves into believing everything we read is truth, we come to an intersection of time that demands our undivided attention. Warning flags and ciphers are every where.  The blind followers continue to feel their way thru the dark forest of upcoming events.  The bread crumbs are strewn about by nature forces that come to confuse the senses. Like a grand magician’s final act the universe says “Look at me as I cloud your senses. Look at me as I mesmerize your children. Look at me as I shroud what is already invisible.”

Whenever  the sky gives a show of breathtaking power, a seasonal and soul change is about to take place. All livingness from deep space and beyond comes to seed the earth for the next level of planetary acceleration. Every layer of earth light will reach up and out, like a sunflower in need of more vitamin D, as the Solar imprint of 2017 is watermarked into the energy field of every living thing on earth.

Everything we are or ever will be, came from the stars and beyond. We once surfed upon stellar plankton gliding effortlessly onto the shores of earth. Our very oxygen is composed of stardust and we dance with the galaxy as we exchange breaths. We are the hopes and dreams of many a star that has exploded and faded into a brown dwarf. Every living thing in the universe has been blended to become one, for that is the wish of the Creator that all of his creations would live side by side with no conflict.

This eclipse ‘solar imprint’ comes to give us a new hope, fused into our heart will be a living mantra ‘to never give up on what lives in your heart!” this has nothing to do with the human eyes and exposure, it has to do with the third eye and overexposure. Like a photo that is reversed, what was unseen can now be seen. The writings of time are on the lenses of the soul and this powerful doorway comes to remind us of that.   The eyes may see only sinewy shadows but the light that comes to make those shadows is majestic of nature with a new appearance for all of Earth to see.

The very breath of the Gods themselves waifs on this ecliptic stream of light and dark, showing opposites are powerful allies and opponents. They walk hand and hand like a bride and groom intent on keeping a vow made eons ago. On this ‘solar imprint’ and ‘breath of the gods’ embrace the fullness of all that is good about you, all that is good about humanity and all that is good about the unseen future. Become a solar beacon for hope and love and goodness; shine your light like never before.

Breathe deep of the solar particles in the air and its healing light as it enters your angel wing lungs. Breathe like a babe that is just born, and feels the earthly oxygen in its body for the first time. The path of totality lies not in the stretch marks of the sun’s dance but within the framework of each and every human on earth. This is divine intervention on a grand scale. We are setting our table for a powerful being of light that will enter on this solar eclipse.

SF Source The Quantum Awakening Aug 2017

2 thoughts on “This eclipse ‘solar imprint’ comes to give us new hope

  1. Wow Gillian I am in awe – I am reading your blog on a Sunday morning – knowing I will find pearls of Spiritual truth from likeminded authors. As an astrologer I have been busy with clients who are already experiencing the effects of the eclipse And have not found time to write a blog post or update about what to expect. I am shocked to see how many others have written about it and glad to know that the majority has finally begun to watch the movements of the heavenly bodies with reverence and appreciation for the symbiotic relationship we share. I went to sleep last night with the thought ” tomorrow I must write something about the eclipse for my clients and followers”. I dreamt of a Sunflower and was guided to write of the divine timing and geometry in its DNA and our own. What a delight to wake up and read your post – clearly we are guided by the same wisdom. Thank you for this beautiful and simple reminder that the phenomenon is only a symbol of the deeper experience. Blessings and kudos for your balanced reporting on the human drama.

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