Election 2020 Report: United States Out of Peaceful Options?

electionSarah Westall – A sobering, but solid report summarizing the current state of America has been circulating amongst independent journalists. It is a collective effort of many hours of analysis and investigation by numerous people from across the country (and world). It is well worth the read of every American.

The report has a daunting title, “Reclaiming a Superpower – Americans Prepare for War”. It makes a case that we are faced with two realistic options:

1. Accept obvious corruption in United States Government or 2. War.  Note: The 3rd option in the report, Contingent Election for President, no longer is a realistic option.

It makes the case that the United States has reached a tipping point:

The American people have lost control of their election system. Election results no longer have any relationship to the voter’s will. The election results are now in the control of a relatively small network of bad actors who manipulate the system to produce virtually any result. This impacts all Americans, irrespective of political party. 

Further it lays out our current state of affairs in connection with our 2020 election and it’s aftermath:

Election System Failed: In contested jurisdictions, standard operating procedures were dismissed. Hence, illegal ballots were accepted and counted, ballots counted multiple times, ballots destroyed, votes switched by election staff, ballots arrived from unknown locations, and machines were connected to the internet communicating with foreign servers.

Election Audit’s Failed: Local, county and state elected officials blocked access to election data and equipment in contested jurisdictions, preventing review of election equipment and ballots cast.

Judiciary Failed: Courts have dismissed virtually all requests for access to ballots and election equipment, while the Supreme Court refused to hear perhaps the most important case ever submitted (Texas v. Pennsylvania).

Gov’t Failed: Federal gov’t clearly understood the risk of foreign interference and the election system’s susceptibility to hacking and manipulation, but let it happen anyway.

Media Failed: Virtually all discussion of election irregularities and manipulation have been censored, mocked, or attacked.

The document goes on to frame what we know about the election fraud and the Government’s response. It further goes on to discuss our realistic options with the knowledge that a clear take over of America has been successfully enacted by a very corrupt group individuals.

I don’t know whether America will plunge into a violent civil war or continue with the cyber and social soft war we are experiencing currently. I have been praying that our country would solve these problems peacefully within our current system. As this report lays out, the time to peacefully solve the corruption within the current system may have lapsed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursing invariable the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776

Because this report affects each and every one of us, I highly recommend you read the full report yourself.

Full Report: Reclaiming a Superpower – Americans Prepare for War

SF Source Sarah Westall Jan 2021

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    1. They are taking them down using the DNS server – Domain Name Server. As you may recall Obama gave control of that over to the UN. The DNS name (e.g. shiftfrequency.com) is linked to an IP address. The IP address is what computers use to locate and load websites. If the IP is disconnected from the domain name then the site can no longer be found. In my instance they compromised my site the second time by using my IP address to send out a DDOS attack from my server, forcing the ISP provider to take my server offline. He was able to locate and remove the problem and restart the site.

      They have done that TWICE to SF in the past 4 days. Fortunately, my ISP provider has been able to get the site back up. Very few are so helpful when sites go down.

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