Energetic Resilience in Challenging Times

energetic resilienceJennifer Hoffman – How do we recover from life challenges? Some people don’t. Some stay wounded, forever, living their life through the lens of trauma, forever haunted by the memory of what has been done to them or happened to them.

No matter how much healing work we do, no matter how much self work we achieve, there will come a time when we are faced with a challenge and we will have to deal with it effectively and decide whether we are going to allow it to knock us down or use it as a springboard to the next level of our journey.

I think it is the belief that once we achieve a certain level of spiritual awareness ‘nothing will ever happen to us again’ is why we get so caught off guard by the next life challenge we have to face.

We really do not expect it to happen and yet it happens to us again and again.

So we get angry, think we aren’t ‘healed’ enough, that we did something wrong, that we are not ready, that we need to do more healing work — and none of those are correct.

I think that once we are finished with our healing path – and healing is a process of completion and closure – we get the Universe’s version of a pop quiz to help us clear out those last elements we need to take care of and make sure we’re really ready to move on.

In this Energetic Resilience in Challenging Times presentation, I give you energy tools to help you keep your energy field strong and clear, to remind you of your divine connection, and to help you ground yourself and your energy on both the energy and with the earth’s grid.

We have to stay grounded in spirit and on earth to be effective stewards of our energy and bigger containers for more downloads.

We have to stay grounded so we can do the work of bringing ‘heaven on earth’.

And we need to remember that we are the embodiment of the divine, a spark of divine light so our divinity is not in question, just our ability to stay connected to it.

As you watch the Energetic Resilience in Challenging Times video, do the energy exercises and tools that I provide. They will remind you to stay grounded, centered, and balanced and stay in your own energy field so you can be resilient and bounce back, regroup, and move forward when you’re faced with a challenge.

What is the key to being energetically resilient? Staying grounded, centered and balanced, keeping our energy field strong and clear and our energy boundaries tight. Be sure to use the energy exercises I share here, they will help you do that.

As much as we would like for the rest of our life path to be clear, free of problems, without any unwanted surprises popping up to threaten our resilience and equilibrium, that will happen from time to time. We can minimize the threat of these challenges being sources of huge upset and use them as springboards for new potentials by being strong, aware, self reliant, and resilient.

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