How To Let The Universe Love You

Jafree Ozwald | November 25 2012

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

Whether you know it or not, you are being loved right now. The Universe loves you unconditionally. It accepts you exactly the way you are. It doesn’t pay attention to your fears, flaws and insecurities. It only sees perfection in you, because you are an intimate part of it. No matter what horrific things that you may have done or said in your past, the Universe is not holding on to them. It has forgiven you. In fact it forgave you the very moment you felt bad about it. The Universe cannot judge you, condemn you, or view you as someone less than holy. It accepts you as a perfect divine aspect of itself, a sacred extension of the very heart of creation.

Those things which you consider unacceptable or unlovable about yourself are simply very small contracted thoughts, and have no real substance to them. The only real substance is love, which is inside the heart, beyond the mind, is infinite, eternal and unchangeable. To get to this real place of Universal Love, you must get beyond the societal mind which is how we generally feel about ourselves. The way you view you, is usually based on how you believe the people you are the most intimate feel about you.

The world is your multi-dimensional mirror, and your closest friends and family are mere extensions of yourself. If you feel that your friends and family despise you, then you will be constantly judging and hating yourself. If you believe everyone loves you deeply just as you are, you will have a deep acceptance and appreciation for who you are. The interesting thing here is that your mind holds the key to whether you believe that others love you, fear you or hate you. In your mind you make the final decision how the world treats you. If you believe it in your heart, you can manifest it. In the deepest reality, it’s all up to you.

You must think of yourself as a metaphysical radio tower, who is continuously broadcasting and receiving messages within a living breathing Universe of which we are all an intimate part of. What are the messages you’re sending out most of the time? What are the messages you’re receiving? Look for the direct correlation between the two. When you’re practicing being appreciating, accepting, and approving yourself just as you are, you’re opening up the receptors in your heart and brain to receive back that same loving signal from anyone around you. The more sensitive you become to this love, you will start to sense a constant flow of Universal goodness that is pouring into you, into the plants, animals and is emanating from everyone and anything!

“Love is possible only when there is a deep acceptance of oneself, the other, the world. Acceptance creates the milieu in which love grows, the soil in which love blooms.” ~Osho

The big journey is discover this blissful state is learning how to stop seeking love, acceptance and approval from the outer world, and start relaxing, softening and letting it bubble up from the infinite source within. When you stop focusing on your thoughts, love naturally becomes your guide and you end the cycle of manifesting the perpetual state of drama the thinking habit was creating for you. Once you are aware that your thoughts are constantly repeating themselves like a broken record, without buying into their drama, you can take an ever deeper look inside into the Source of thought itself. The very moment and instant you discover where is the Source of thought coming from, the mind completely stops and you become truly free.

Just take a moment to realize how intangible and fleeting your thoughts actually are. One second one is there, another moment a completely new one has arrived. They come and go as quickly as you can blink. Watch how fast they come and go! Soon you will start to see how little power these thoughts have over you, and spend more time tuning into the vast loving presence of your being. You’ll become so sensitive to your own presence that you can feel the source of love from the Universe pouring through you everywhere you go. In the city, in the forest, in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, you will know without a doubt that the loving Universal energy is always within you right here right now.

The spiritual journey is for those who are interested in knowing who they truly are, examining everything within. If anybody looks long enough they will find that deep inside at the very core of your being is a vital spiritual energy that is continuously and joyfully supporting your life. It is pulsating with love, laughter and bliss. It gives you every creative feeling and experience you have of life. It’s constantly bringing a pure conscious awareness into your mind, and allows your breath to flow in and out on its own accord. This amazing energy is the real source of you. You can call it divine energy, life force, prana, chi or simply the loving being that you are. This source of love is pure, real and it never ever stops flowing.

The only reason you don’t notice it or feel it is because you were paying too much attention to your mind. You were caught in the ideas happening between your ears, in the neuronal web of the mind’s matrix wrapped up in thinking, pondering, planning and scheming about your life. The moment you unhook yourself from the head and drop into the heart, you free yourself from the internal busyness and discover a deep peaceful stillness that brings everything into perfect perspective.

Like rain pouring down from the sky, the Universe is showering tons of love upon you in each moment. Yet you can only start feeling it when you’re truly vulnerable, open and willing to feel anything. The good, bad and the crazy feelings that you’re sitting on. Then that little voice inside you who always doubts, resists and tries to control your life on every level will take a mini-vacation. You will begin to automatically feel the love. This depends on your ability to open up your heart, be vulnerable and consciously drop your resistance to love. Hold the intention solid and you can instantly start receiving this divine love right now.

If you try too hard to accept, approve and give loving appreciation to yourself, you won’t be relaxing into it and will be missing the point of it. This infinite love is constantly bubbling naturally from within you. It comes effortlessly through you when you simply let go of trying to attain it through some person, place or thing. By letting go of the ego’s perpetual desiring search for more, better or faster, just for a few moments, you start surrendering to the ease and joy of trusting this love that is here now. This trust instantly shifts your vibration and you become even more receptive and grounded in this divine love from the Universe. Just as the Sun selflessly shines its light on every life form here on Earth, the same goes for this spiritual love. It’s always shining onto you, everyone around you and is infinitely available.

The hard struggling approach to life is not the reason why you came to earth. It is a learned pattern of thinking you inherited from someone in your past who was challenged by life and were energetically close to you. Usually the main roots are from your parents, yet all the people you were emotionally intimate with in your life, taught you how to doubt, resist and be afraid of certain things. Go ahead and take this moment to thank them! Without their fear based thinking patterns you wouldn’t experience so much growth happening. The plants who are without fertilizer rarely produce the best fruit, it all depends on what’s inside the soil. To transcend this limiting mindset inside you, simply relax, be very still for 20 minutes, and feel the joy of pure being.

“Happiness is like a butterfly – the more you chase, the more subtle, but if you stop moving and quietly wait for it to land on you.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

If its hard for you to believe that the Universe truly loves you, look at everything you’ve manifested around you. For years the Universe has been providing you with everything you need to remain alive. It’s given you all the food, shelter, air, water and keeps your heart pumping 24 hours a day! When you recognize and feel that the Universe is always sharing all these amazing goodies with you, it becomes much harder to live a life filled with fear. You can trust that life is flowing to you, through you, for you, and is happy to give you this love. So you can let go, relax inside and simply practice receiving. Practice knowing that the Universe enjoys keeping you safe, alive, warm, and super cozy. Everywhere you are, allow yourself to relax. Imagine this great warmth bubbling up from deep inside you. This gives the conscious intelligent Universe permission to assist you even more, in whatever way you need it. You simply have to be open to receive it, and truly let in the love!

When you let go of trying to improve yourself, fix yourself, and simply realize just how sweet, innocent and lovable you truly are, then the Universe has no choice yet to send you loving people, experiences and messages to you. This is the time when your life becomes a constant meandering river of bliss! You become a “love magnet” for the best most loving experiences. When you are accepting yourself with loving appreciation all day long, you can manifest anything you want with effortless ease. Self acceptance is the greatest thing you can do to grow very quickly in consciousness and abundance. It will transform you in more ways than you know. There is so much love available to you right now. Just slow down, relax about your life and be open to it. This is the only way you can receive it fully. With slowing down into a state of constant self acceptance, you will make it through this spiritual birth canal and truly enjoy this long amazing ride.

6 thoughts on “How To Let The Universe Love You

  1. I consider myself fortunate and unique in that I have known the Universe wants me to be happy and prospered from my connection for a long time. I haven’t been very dillegent in my responsibility to enjoy this knowledge in ever moment and also help others in their search, this is what I intend to improve in my life. I am not rich, in fact I am homeless and have no people to share my experiences with because there are too few that can possibly relate. I paint and sell them to people I meet in the hope and expectation that they will feel something wonderful and transformative.

  2. Here is a dilemma of theories for you:

    A) The Universe and planet Earth loves us hence gave us all the blessings such as oxygen, plants, food, comfort. In the first place, it has created us to it’s own image… for us to survive and it cares about us.

    B) The Universe has no feelings or love towards us. We have adapted to the matter that is found on our planet Earth, products of our universe: oxygen, water, earth, plants, food by fabrication our own comfort e.g. bricks, cement cars tv etc. Earth and Universe are unscrupulous about humans, earthquakes, hurricanes, suffering, accidents, death, time, illness, drownings… all things which are our enemies… including time… which is the most silent and slow killer.

    Think about it… on the long term, the planet Earth will no longer exist. Does it love us and will cease to love us? Has it ever loved us or is just careless matter? Are only intelligent beings capable of love?

    I know my dog loves me… but I know that some intelligent people are also capable of hate and this Universe no different.

      1. Exactly. The purpose of life is to grow. The universe is out to get us, but only to improve us. It challenges and loves indiscriminately. Letting go and blindly trusting the universe to provide is to invite doom; we have to embrace and take responsibility, to use the fear and pain of our trials and tribulations to better ourselves. We have to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith that the universe has forgiven our mistakes and flaws and only has the best intentions for us.

  3. This is so beautiful and gave me a deeper insight into some thoughts that I was developing on my own. So good to know there are other people out there with the same views, ideas, and realizations ❤

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