Equipment You Need for Your Home Gym

 Home GymBeing physically fit and healthy is something that a lot of people want and we all know that proper exercise and the right diet usually do the trick. Although most of the exercise can usually be done in the simplest of ways, we usually want more and that’s why we head to the gym for all the equipment that we can use.

One problem with this is that not all of us have the time to head to the gym depending on our location or just because we are busy most of the time. So making a trip could burn up a lot of time while working out does the same along with a trip back.

Having your own home gym set up can save you time as well as money since you can work out at home and cut costs on memberships and traveling back and forth. Here are the things you can get and may need for you home gym.

Fitness Mat

A fitness mat makes a great environment for you to work out in since you can do several types of fitness activities such as push ups, sit ups and it makes a good place for stretching and even yoga. Whether you’re wearing shoes for working out or on your bear feet, comfort is greatly provided and you.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is great for exercises where you are lying down horizontally and need a bit of elevation which also allows you to properly move regardless of what position or related workout you are doing. This is good for your back as well when lying on your back and doing exercises as its material and shape provide a rather massaging and comfortable feel to it.

Skipping Rope

Not only is using a skipping rope a great exercise for muscles and cardio but it’s also fun to do and it helps you with your concentration and stimulate muscle memory by reducing the focus you need on timing your jumps to allowing your muscle memory to do this on its own. It’s a common and popular piece of equipment that’s good for both mind and body.

Balance Ball

A balance ball is great for toning out parts of your body as you lie on it and can change positions to stimulate your lower muscles. This can help stretch out muscles as well as fix your posture while giving you more control on your balance so your body can learn to do it on its own. Working out using a balance ball can stimulate several muscles, including the smaller once in your body.

Medicine Ball

Using a medicine ball can help tone your abdominals as well as lower limbs due to its weight and the need for you to be able to stabilize holding it up with your arms and holding yourself up with your body. Several workout routines can help you target many of those spots that most routines can’t tone due to the tension it gives your body while keeping up a position of holding it and balancing yourself altogether.


One of the most popular pieces of equipment, dumbbells are great for working on your upper body, especially your arms. With the weight they can provide by either lifting them normally or doing over the head exercises, you can improve your backside muscle, front chest and abdominal muscles as well as your arms. It is known that dumbbells also play part in weight loss due to the strength your body pushes altogether to keep you and your arms in a position where you can continuously lift them while being steady.

Aerobic Stepper

This simple yet useful piece of equipment is good for cardio and lower muscles, allowing you to quickly move up and down by stepping on it to improve your timing, stamina and concentration. This is useful when you do not have access to other equipment as stairs, smaller tables or any other objects used in its place may not suit the comfort, sturdiness or the friction to allow you to train properly. Using this will allow you to maximize your stamina training, especially when doing stepping exercises.

Sit Up Bench

Although many people prefer to either lie on a floor, mat or even bed then do a few sit ups this does not compare to the exercise a sit up bench can give you. Being on a sit up bench will force you to require balance which help your body adjust and prevent your routine from lacking or being lazy as you need to remain in a proper position as well as focus on doing your sit ups. Some sit up benches allow you incline them rather than stay horizontal which allows you to later on improve your work out making it more challenging.


Although it might be pricey and cost more than a simple jog around the block, treadmills are known to be able to significantly boost your overall body functions as well as help with cardio. While you gain distance when running or jogging, the treadmill allows you to stay in one place which means you can use it and increase the pace of which you walk, run or jog that allows you to later on reach faster speeds you could not go when running outside since you would end up running around the place or end up with no more areas to go to.

Stationary Bike

A stationary bike is one of the best exercise equipment because there are types which allow you to either do them sitting down or even standing up. With handles that push forward you may also tone your upper body and you may comfortable ride it like a bike or use it standing up. This provides you with many kinds of workout routines which can help tone your overall body while giving you good cardio work.

Depending on what your goal is when it comes to fitness, choosing the right equipment makes a huge difference as some equipment have more to offer than others. If you’re already living in an apartment or looking to buy one in the future – consider looking at options with an onsite gym so you can avoid much of the larger more expensive equipment items saving you significant money and keeping your home clutter free. The way you use the equipment can vary from which part of your body you are targeting but it is guaranteed with the above said equipment that you may tone majority of all the things you want and can efficiently work out to become fit and healthy.

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