Ernst Stavro Blohfeld…Er… Klaus Schwab: A Family History

SchwabJoseph P Farrell – This remarkable article was spotted and shared by E.V.H., but before we get to it, a little background. Regular readers here may recall that some weeks ago I blogged about Klaus Schwab, the perpetually scowling figure who heads the World Economic Forum.

I noted at the time that Schwab seemed very much like the character of Dr. Ernst Stavro Blohfeld, the fictitious villain and head of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) from the James Bond films.

I wasn’t the only one who noticed, apparently, because shortly after that, pictures of Schwab in a gray uniform, holding a white cat ala SPECTRE’s Blohfeld, began to appear on the internet. But on a more serious note, I also observed in that blog that little to nothing appeared to have been known about Schwab’s family, and there was a curious lacuna in his biography at that time from when he completed his degrees to his emergence on the world stage as the spokesman for Mr. Globaloney and The Great Financial Reset.

Apparently, others observed this curious lack of details about Schwab, and set out to remedy that situation in the very lengthy article below, which appeared just last February along with a rather flattering picture illustration of Schwab himself:

Schwab Family Values

We pick up the story with Schwab’s father Eugen, a manager for a Swiss-German company, Escher-Wyss in Schwab’s home town of Ravensburg. The allegations are revealing:

In the pre-war years of the 1930s leading up to the German annexation of Poland, Ravensburg’s Escher-Wyss factory, now managed directly by Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen Schwab, continued to be the biggest employer in Ravensburg.

Not only was the factory a major employer in the town, but Hitler’s own Nazi party awarded the Escher-Wyss Ravensburg branch the title of “National Socialist Model Company” while Schwab was at the helm. The Nazis were potentially wooing the Swiss company for cooperation in the coming war, and their advances were eventually reciprocated.

Ravensburg was an anomaly in wartime Germany, as it was never targeted by any Allied airstrikes. The presence of the Red Cross, and a rumoured agreement with various companies including Escher-Wyss, saw the allied forces publicly agree to not target the Southern German town. It was not classified as a significant military target throughout the war and, for that reason, the town still maintains many of its original features. However, much darker things were afoot in Ravensburg once the war began.

Eugen Schwab continued to manage the “National Socialist Model Company” for Escher-Wyss, and the Swiss company would aid the Nazi Wermacht produce significant weapons of war as well as more basic armaments.

The Escher-Wyss company was a leader in large turbine technology for hydroelectric dams and power plants, but they also manufactured parts for German fighter planes. They were also intimately involved in much more sinister projects happening behind the scenes which, if completed, could have changed the outcome of World War II.

From this point, the article traces how some of Escher-Wyss’s hydro-turbine technology made it into the Nazi atom-bomb project via the Norsk heavy water production plant in Norway.

Here the article goes a bit awry claiming that heavy water was vital for the production of plutonium for that project. As I’ve outlined in my book Reich of the Black Sun, the German project, while it knew of the possibility of plutonium, also knew that its production could only be accomplished in a reactor, and that it would be a long and difficult project.

It thus concentrated on the less complicated project of uranium isotope separation and enrichment for a uranium-fueled bomb. But in either case heavy water could be used both as a neutron moderator in a reactor, and more importantly, as a source of deuterium fuel for a “boosted fission” bomb, which is what I’ve been arguing in my various books about the Nazi atom bomb project.

And Schwab’s father headed a firm in Ravensbruck with ties to that project. Let that sink in a moment. As such, Schwab’s father was also allegedly involved in another infamous Nazi practice:

Back in the Escher-Wyss factory in Ravensburg, Eugen Schwab had been busy putting forced laborers to work at his model Nazi company. During the years of World War II, nearly 3,600 forced laborers worked in Ravensburg, including at Escher Wyss. According to the city archivist in Ravensburg, Andrea Schmuder, the Escher-Wyss machine factory in Ravensburg employed between 198 and 203 civil workers and POWs during the war. Karl Schweizer, a local Lindau historian, states that Escher-Wyss maintained a small special camp for forced labourers on the factory premises.

The use of masses of forced labourers in Ravensburg made it necessary to setup one of the largest recorded Nazi forced labour camps in the workshop of a former carpenter’s at Ziegelstrasse 16.

At one time, the camp in question accommodated 125 French prisoners of war who were later redistributed to other camps in 1942. The French workers were replaced by 150 Russian prisoners of war who, it was rumoured, were treated the worst out of all the POWs. One such prisoner was Zina Jakuschewa, whose work card and work book are held by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Those documents identify her as a non-Jewish forced labourer assigned to Ravensburg, Germany, during 1943 and 1944.

This of course does not implicate Klaus Schwab himself in any of these practices nor does it implicate him in any way with sympathy for the practice nor the ideology behind it. It does, however, raise a yellow flag of caution, and perhaps should provide a context in which to view his own statements to the effect that “you vill not own property und you vill be happy!”

This, plus the fact that Schwab seems to have pursued academic studies of mechanical engineering in relationship to macroeconomics of credit and export, might indicate at least some filial interest in his father’s wartime experiences, since after his studies and a stint in the USA at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, he went to work for his father’s old company.

The atom bomb connection would continue at Escher-Wyss (now Sulzer-Escher-Wyss)  after the war, as it became involved in South Africa’s effort to acquire the bomb:

Escher-Wyss had been involved with manufacturing and installing nuclear technology at least as early as 1962, as shown by this patent for a “heat exchange arrangement for a nuclear power plant” and this patent from 1966 for a “nuclear reactor gas-turbine plant with emergency cooling”. After Schwab left Sulzer Escher-Wyss, Sulzer would also help to develop special turbocompressors for uranium enrichment to yield reactor fuels.

When Klaus Schwab joined Sulzer Escher-Wyss in 1967 and started the reorganisation of the company to be a technology corporation, the involvement of Sulzer Escher-Wyss in the darker aspects of the global nuclear arms race became immediately more pronounced. Before Klaus became involved, Escher-Wyss had often concentrated on helping design and build parts for civilian uses of nuclear technology, e.g. nuclear power generation.

Yet, with the arrival of the eager Mr. Schwab also came the company’s participation in the illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons technology. By 1969, the incorporation of Escher Wyss into Sulzer was fully completed and they would be rebranded into Sulzer AG, dropping the historic name Escher-Wyss from their name.

It was eventually revealed, thanks to a review and report carried out by the Swiss authorities and a man named Peter Hug, that Sulzer Escher-Wyss began secretly procuring and building key parts for nuclear weapons during the 1960s.

The company, while Schwab was on the board, also began playing a critical key role in the development of South Africa’s illegal nuclear weapons programme during the darkest years of the apartheid regime. Klaus Schwab was a leading figure in the founding of a company culture which helped Pretoria build six nuclear weapons and partially assemble a seventh. (Boldface emphasis added)

This now ratchets up the suspicion meter considerably, when placed into context of what else is known about the South African project. In 1973 the New York Times book division published a book by Barbara Rogers and Zdenek Cervenka titled The Nuclear Axis: The Secret Collaboration between West Germany and South Africa, a title which says it all… almost. 

The authors detail how a Luftwaffe general in the Bundeswehr, himself a holdover from World War II, and several German firms including Degussa(which was also involved in the wartime Nazi atom bomb effort), were involved in aiding South Africa to acquire the atom bomb, which in the opinion of many (including this author) it did.

The arrangement was a “tidy” one: in exchange for South African uranium, Germany would supply the technology to enrich it and the engineering to turn it into a bomb. South Africa became the front behind which postwar Germany acquired nuclear weapons technology, for the South African bomb was in effect a German one…

… and an Israeli one, because the third partner in this picture was Israel itself, lending technical assistance as well in return for a steady supply of uranium from the project. The arrangement was a rather  nifty one, given that all three states were in some measure and for very different reasons each a pariah state, and each viewed its national security was being jeopardized without nuclear weapons.

But now we find Schwab himself – Dr. Ernst Stavro Blohfeld and SPECTRE – squatting in the middle of that West German-South African atom bomb effort.

The implications here are inescapable, and the article’s author, Johnny Vedmore, doesn’t shrink from mentioning them:

In the case of Klaus Schwab himself, it appears that he has helped to launder relics of the Nazi era, i.e. its nuclear ambitions and its population control ambitions, so as to ensure the continuity of a deeper agenda. While serving in a leadership capacity at Sulzer Escher Wyss, the company sought to aid the nuclear ambitions of the South African regime, then the most Nazi adjacent government in the world, preserving Escher Wyss’ own Nazi era legacy.

Then, through the World Economic Forum, Schwab has helped to rehabilitate eugenics-influenced population control policies during the post-World War II era, a time when the revelations of Nazi atrocities quickly brought the pseudo-science into great disrepute.

Is there any reason to believe that Klaus Schwab, as he exists today, has changed in anyway? Or is he still the public face of a decades-long effort to ensure the survival of a very old agenda?

The last question that should be asked about the real motivations behind the actions of Herr Schwab, may be the most important for the future of humanity: Is Klaus Schwab trying to create the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or is he trying to create the Fourth Reich?

For my part, readers can already guess the answer, for I’ve been trying for years to warn people about a post-war “Nazi International,” an “extra-territorial state” hiding behind a complex tapestry of corporations, funds, foundations, think tanks, and a bewildering labyrinth of interconnections, all still firmly in the grasp of a hideous ideology.

See you on the flip side…

SF Source Giza Death Star Mar 2021

38 thoughts on “Ernst Stavro Blohfeld…Er… Klaus Schwab: A Family History

  1. I wonder if any one remembers one of the first press conferences on Covid when Pompeo says “its a test” and Trump says “someone should have told me”. I looked for the video and can’t find it.

    1. Trump just put out that Fauci never told him that Fauci had funded gain of function in Wuhan with the Chinese. Trump has also said NUMEROUS times that he went against their advice and locked down the country from China when the outbreaks started. This could mean Trump had foreknowledge and allowed this GLOBAL sting op to unfold. They are ALL caught in this – the politicians, central banks, Big Pharma, CDC, FDA, WHO, China, media, etc. When the inevitable Nuremberg-style trials begin it will end the global crime syndicate and clean out DC swamp in their entirety.

      What I honestly don’t think Trump knew was that this injection was never intended to be a vaccine, but was a continuance of the weaponization of the coronavirus. The virus is being transmitted by the vaccinated people who have been turned into individual spike protein factories. Trump mentioned J&J, the ONLY one initially rolling out a vaccine that did not modify mRNA and was simply a rebranded flu shot. Deep State took that down almost immediately (along with HCQ and now Ivermectin) and J&J now seems to have joined the rest of the Big Pharma crime families with their jab.

      I also don’t think Trump realized this “vaccine” was to be the initial rollout of “Track ‘n Trace” as well as the global depopulation agenda. What Americans need to wake up to is the fact that we were viciously attacked by Deep State enemies and are currently in the midst of a lethal war – war not of physical bullets but potentially even more deadly.
      As Q says “These people are SICK!” -g

  2. NOW this is interesting… amazing how people like him and Soros… their past is forgotten… and deleted…. very very interesting

    1. Klaus Schwab is creating a new “Hitler Youth Army” with Global Leaders and Global Shapers of 1,000’s who believe his narcissistic drivel. The 4th Industrial Revolution is fodder for his creation of his 4th Reich and just another continuation of his families and his elite plan to rule and own the world while they destroy all those they detest. God help us that people awaken to the only true God and not another Hitler in Himmler look alike Schwab.

      1. Too late, sheeple like you believe everything they sea/watch/read on internet. The whole internet is fake. Remember ARPA? Hint: search for ARPA & DARPA… Ignorance is real power!

      2. The WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program has been graduating prodigies since at least the early 1990’s. Some of them are Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Trudeau, Macron, and many other familiar names. I wonder if Prince Charles was one?

      3. Great question about Prince Charles. Charles clearly isn’t a prodigy, but the presence of Trudeau and Macron in your list suggests that’s not a requirement. I’d imagine William would be more likely to be invited than Charles. They’re all part of the control syndicate. -g

      4. Hello Anna,
        This does not start with Klaus Schwab and WEF. In my opinion, the “Davos Group” is just a branch of the Committee of 300! This is where you should start making the ball of yarn. You will find numerous subsidiaries, institutes, and associations like; The Club of Rome, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), Aspen Institute, the Black Nobility, NATO and UN, etc, etc…

        During most of her reign, QE2 headed up the Committee of 300, which also boasts most of the world’s royal families on their member rolls.

        The British East India Company, who made their gigantic fortunes on drug traffic that for instance turned most of China into opium addicts some 250-275 years ago. To this day they are still the primary drug trafficker. Together with minor operators, as the Rothschild family and the Rockefellers, plus – as of late – the Bush family, Clintons, Gates and Soros to mention but a few they own the world’s banking system, big pharma, oil and gas, big media, the world’s health organizations and through sinister deals they control most of the world’s governments.

        Please see Dr John Coleman’s speech here:

        as well as his entire book here:

        Here Lindeman’s take on Dr Coleman’s book:

    1. I have checked the link you gave. As I speak fluent German it really soon became very clear to me that this Marianne Schwab you found married Friedrich Schwab and not Eugen, and they emigrated to US of A. They clearly weren’t the parents of brown Klaus, however if you want I could give you few interesting characters or case studies from that line of descent that prove black and white history exist only for the sheeple.

      1. Hallo Pilger,
        Ja, das habe Ich ihn auch gesagt. Es wäre sehr interessant, weitere Informationen über die Familie Schwab und mögliche Verbindungen zu den Rothschilds zu erhalten.


        Bard Thomas

    2. Actually G, as fascinating as it is that there is a link between the families Schwab and Rothschild, I really can’t find a link between the immediate family of Klaus, or even Eugen – Klaus’ father – as would be more likely age-wise and that of Frederich and Marianne {Rothschild} Schwab.
      They may very well be cousins, or rather aunt and nephew, which might likewise have been an inspiration for young Herr Klaus.
      To me, the relationship with the ideology of Adam Weishaupt, the 50-ish years younger Chaim Hirschel Mordechai of the Ashkenazi Jews (aka. Karl Marx) and the Committee of 300 (see comment to Anna asunder above), as this is what really is projected by Klaus Schwab and his brainchild WEF.
      As a curiosity, his CEO, Mr. Børge Brende, lives about half an hour from my house in Norway…

      1. Joseph P Farrell is a pretty thorough scholar and quite advanced in German. I have no idea as to his sourcing of info regarding Schwab’s parenthood. If there is a mistake in his presentation I KNOW he is a thorough, honest academician who would be willing to review his source material, and correct it, if proven wrong. I suggest you contact him at -g

    1. On the negative Earth timeline – yes! On the positive Earth timeline – muted, ineffective, then ‘gone like the wind’.

    2. Dear Sandra,
      Somewhat premature but, seeing how the pushbacks are mounting against what is going on, I fully support your concern at this point in time. What are they going to do about the;
      – Numerous republican victories in US gubernatorial, and GA elections
      – Evidence in Australia that massive hospitalizations are not covid related, {rather vax-related}
      – Countless pushbacks on fallouts from parts of the agenda up until now hidden in the covid-fog; massive spending attempted jammed through by radical leftist governments.
      – Migrant crisis is becoming utterly ridiculous, particularly in America.
      – Mr “Brandon”‘s legitimacy is coming apart at every seam as his criminal agenda is exposed.
      – The public is waking up to the reality of the “pandemic”; either as it is called out as the hoax it is or that the “vaccines” being mandated and at the same time proves utterly ineffective and even dangerous with tens of thousands of adverse effects – and deaths – far outnumbering its efficacity against the virus.
      – Etc, etc…

  3. History repeats itself. That why it was removed from most learning institutions around the world.

  4. I have only just started looking at Klaus Schwab. Thank you very much for this post. I have forwarded link to my brother-in-law who is fairly well up to speed on these matters.

    I have done various posts, but this one might interest readers. It explains in a humourous way why Germany is so bad and Baden-Wurtemburg is one of the worst places!

    I do not wish to minimise the gross evil behind what is going on and has been going on for more than just the obvious Nazi period of the 20th century. However, ridicule is an excellent way to defeat the criminally stupid and ultimately Klaus Schwab and his cronies are just that.

    I have done Covid 19 summary if you want to look. The truth will set people free so I have set out my thoughts in there.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael (please excuse the nom de plume, it is a riddle to be solved as much as a bit of fun)

    1. While they’re definitely criminal, they’re not stupid. They appear so because they’re caught in a trap and their dark deeds are being made public.

      It’s hard to look other than stupid when the facts of who you really are don’t link, even tangentially, to the words you’re speaking. Fauci exemplifies this “looking stupid” at this time. However, the agenda Fauci so assiduously serves? That’s a masterpiece of evil and deception. -g

  5. Some one HELP ! Get us out of this terrifying mess we are in . This all needs to come out ASAP it’s so Scarey.

    1. Fear is what they are generating with this agenda. That is really one of their primary objectives with the masks that are USELESS for stopping viruses from spreading, as useless as the poison injections they’re administering to WILLING victims.

      You can protect yourself by getting a prophylactic dose of HCQ – the very thing Trump recommended at the beginning of this scamdemic. With HCQ there is no need for vaccines, which is why this cure was suppressed. In the meantime pray that our country and world is released from this depopulation EVIL controlling humanity. I do believe things will shift as we cannot continue on this trajectory for too much longer. -g

      1. That’s great and most would willing take Ivermectin or HCQ but they are restricted and health care personnel cannot prescribe them. Was it Stalin or Lenin who said you must get control of their health care to control them or something like that.

  6. Regarding the vaccine, information that seems to be true is starting to come out warning of the terrible side effects of those vaccinated AS WELL as those coming into close contact with those vaccinated. Apparently miscarriages are up 322% and even men are affected with a lower sperm count. This would certainly confirm Nazi goals as well as those of Bill Gates who was seen on video referring to how great it would be if a contraceptive could be presented in a vaccine, especially for countries with high population levels (and that would mean Africa as well as India, etc.) For recent information on this by Dr. Catherine Northrupp go to :

    1. Yep. Gates/Fauci/Birx/China and domestic traitors have unleashed this eugenics plague. Fortunately people are getting the message and the numbers volunteering to be lab rats are lessening daily. This is truly an anti-human agenda -g

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