The Expanding Earth [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Before there was a Flat Earth, there was an Expanding Earth – as far as YouTube is concerned.

At first blush, the Expanding Earth Hypothesis or “Expando-Earth,” as Clif High calls it, does seem pretty wacky but it can be argued to make more sense than Plate Tectonics which, let’s face it is pretty damned crazy, with its wild and woolly subduction zones.

Back in 2009, when I first saw an animation of the expanding Earth on YouTube, my reaction was, “Yes, the continents do all fit together – but whoever came up with this idea is smoking that wacky tabacky.” That person who first published about it in 1975 was Tasmanian geologist Samuel Carey, who was well-respected even if his hypothesis was not.

Lately, with the many reports of ocean water vanishing from the coasts of southern Brazil, Tampa, Bahamas and now the eastern coast of India, to a degree unprecedented in the lifetimes of the locals, my curiosity has been piqued as to what may be causing this. Then I caught a tweet from Clif High, in which he noted that the water reduction episodes have been occurring between the Tropics and the Equator and that the “sea floor falling” would be expected in an expansion event. I recalled that he’s a proponent of Expando-Earth so I decided to give it another look.

Now, before anybody out there gets worked up into a lather, mainstream geologists do agree that rocks as old as 4 billion years are found on land yet nothing older than 200 million years is ever found when taking core samples of the bedrock beneath the sea. This is handily explained by the Expanding Earth – and less elegantly explained away by subduction.

Celebrated comic book artist, Neal Adams is the man who made Expando-Earth viral on YouTube in 2007, when he posted parts of his documentary on the subject, seen here. Adams believes the Earth’s expansion occurs through a process of pair production, which is the creation of an elementary particle and its antiparticle from a neutral boson.

As Adams says, “Why does the scientific community desperately cling to and promote the idea that the ocean bottom is sliding under the continents and into a magma which is twice as dense as solid granite, a totally unsupportable and scientifically unsound idea [subduction]? Because they’d have to observe and admit that the Earth is growing and that…is a very big deal. That would change everything in science, from the smallest particle to the whole universe – 100 years of scientific theory, out the window. That’s a lot to give up.”

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Feb 2018

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