What If?

Veronica – A way to assess a society is to take a look at the language phrasing that is employed.  When many are pressed together in populated arenas they often find themselves influenced by the phrasing of language within the culture.

One of the biggest derailers is the phrase “What if?”  Intended originally to inspire one to create consciously it has sadly become one of negativity.  “What if something bad happens?”

This is a game changer phrase for many.  Often employed when one is in a situation that is neutral.  It can add a negative spin within a culture that expects the worst.

We speak of this as a reminder that your experience is tempered by your own energy.  If you are happy then you contribute that energy to your reality creation.  If you are angry, that energy will weave into the present to generate an inopportune thick difficult energy.

It is important to be aware of what we speak.  Your input is an ingredient that constitutes a majority of what’s being created.  If it is chaotic in any way you will find yourself within a field of energy you would not like.

Start your days of “what if” in a creative positive perspective.  “What if” triggers an essence of motion that will multiply upon itself.  Keeping it positive always a challenge but with correct focus attainable.

When one goes through a negative checklist of “what ifs” chaos will  most certainly enact itself.

By focusing negatively you draw it to you.  The checklist of all the things that in probability can go wrong attracts the energy of enactment when you decide to focus upon it.

We realize that most of you do this unconsciously.  However in an awakening moment it’s imperative to remain conscious through all experience.  Without awareness, behavior patterns may duplicate themselves endlessly.

The imagination factor that lurks within you always wishes to pounce upon the moment with great force.  By listing all the negative “what ifs” there is usually assurance that the negative “what if” can and will become a solid reality.

So the next time you are in a moment of choice and creativity, pause for a moment.

Think through the present to decide which way your “what if” list is going to go.

If you tend to slide into a negative process stop yourself again.

Use that what if to sprinkle positive affirmations into the space.  For every negative one you think of, counter it with a positive “what if”.

Using your thoughts in this way elevates your experience to another level,  one where the creative juices participate confidently and expansively.

Do not let the cultural negative expression override the positive ones.

Use “what if” to colorfully create a more stable place to plant positive seeds.

Make all of your “what ifs” of positive nature….. it is the only way.

SF Source Inner Whispers Jun 2019

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