Expert Cleaning Tips How To Clean Hardwood Floors

floorThere’s no debate that hardwood floors add elegance, warmth, and beauty to any room in your home. But there could be some debate on the best way to clean and maintain your flooring to keep it as clean and lustrous as when it was first installed.

Different hardwood floor manufacturers will recommend different ways to keep your floor in tip-top condition, but most manufacturers will agree on the very basics of care and maintenance to ensure your flooring remains with that gorgeous look you originally decided to buy it for. Here’s an easy guide to follow to keep your floor clean.

Vacuum: Heavy traffic areas like the kitchen or dining room need daily cleaning. It’s advisable to use a vacuum cleaner such as roomba e6 for routine cleaning before applying any solution or water to your floor. Vacuuming will collect dust and other particles more efficiently than sweeping unless your vacuum isn’t up to par. Hardwood floors are expensive, so it makes sense to search for and invest in the best vacuum for hard floors that will have the features you need such as being lightweight and easy to maneuver for hard to reach areas.

Cleaning products: Before purchasing any floor cleaning product, check with the manufacturers of your flooring. Some manufacturers will only recommend a damp mop, and if you use any solution not recommended this can void your warranty.

Soap and water: Sometimes the recommended cleaning product isn’t always available and most of the time they’re quite expensive to use on a routine basis. You can substitute solutions with soapy water using a very mild detergent, such as dishwashing liquid. Try ¼ cup of mild or pH-neutral soap to a bucket of water. If using soap and water or just water, make sure the mop is always damp and not soaking. For a better shine after a clean, work small areas of the floor one at a time, then dry each area with a dry mop. This is better so you don’t allow the water to sit for a long period on the floor.

Avoid waxes, sprays, and oils: You would think as long as a furniture spray or wax is good for wooden furniture then it must good for the wood floor also, right? Wrong. All these leave a slippery, oily residue on the floor. Eventually, they can also leave a thin white line between seams, as well as make re-coating difficult.

Trick tip: If after cleaning your floor and you find a scratch here and there, take a crayon the same color of the floor and color in the scratch. Turn on a blow dryer on high heat on the spot, then buff with a dry cloth.

Keep shoes off

The easiest way to keep a clean floor is to keep shoes off. Every time you walk on a hardwood floor with shoes on, a lot of dust and sand get left behind. These abrasive particles easily scratch and damage floors. You can also place some nice rugs or mats at the interior and exterior doorways of your flooring. Keep these tips in mind for a gleaming, clean floor.

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