Explosive Interview With America’s General Michael Flynn

flynnAlexandra Bruce –  Last night, General Michael Flynn joined John Michael Chambers and James Grundvig on American Media Periscope to say that the truth always comes out and that the current Cancel Culture that we’ve been seeing is just as much about the censorship of the truth as it is about anything; it’s the censorship of the 2020 Election Fraud, it’s the censorship of the Biden Family Corruption, it’s the censorship of the blackmail controlling most members of our government and of course, it’s the censorship of the CoronaHoax.

John Chambers has a list of questions for the General, starting with why did President Obama set him up?

General Flynn responds that it goes back to 2014 when he gave truthful testimony in an open hearing before Congress about ISIS and the rise of ISIS and al Qaeda. He says the Obama administration didn’t like it and the Intelligence Community didn’t like it. He was seated next to James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan, all of whom swore under oath that “ISIS was on the run.”

Flynn, instead, told the truth: ISIS was in fact growing and expanding and the threat is increasing.

He says the second thing they didn’t like had to do with the Iran Nuclear Deal. Flynn says that he didn’t like it but he followed the orders of the Commander-in-Chief while in uniform. However, once he retired from the military, he began to make his thoughts known. He wanted to know why we were making a deal with the world’s leading sponsor of state terrorism?

Flynn says he also had misgivings about what the Obama administration was doing in Libya and also about how the US was dealing with China; moving our manufacturing base there, the attendant technology transfer, allowing the Chinese to own ~30 million acres of prime farmland and ranchland, all while, as they plotted to overtake the US by means of Unrestricted Warfare.

He says he had always had a reputation as a reformer and the Intelligence Community knew it, so when he was tapped to be Trump’s National Security chief, they were not happy.

John Chambers asks the General what he learned from his baptism-by-fire by the Deep State?

He says it can be summed up in a letter that he wrote after his case was dismissed, which he says was a big thank you letter to the American People. He says the principal lessons that he learned had to do with his and his family’s faith in God. He says he took the words of Psalm 23 to heart. He says he learned a lot about his faith and the strength of his family and his true friendships.

John then asks him about the corruption in the UD Government and the weaponization of the Intelligence Community for political purposes?

Flynn responds, the politicization of the intelligence agencies for personal reasons to wield power over the citizenry of this country is not what this country is supposed to be and that those people in the FBI and the CIA know exactly what he’s talking about.

John says that Americans have spilled blood in other countries so that they could have free ans fair elections yet, we do not have this in America, now. The evidence is in, the forensic and scientific data is in. Donald Trump won the election in a landslide and there was a massive domestic and foreign attack on the election and doesn’t the latter make this an Act of War?

Flynn refers to Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’, which definitively lays out the evidence of the Digital Pearl Harbor that was the cyberattack and theft the election and how we must go back to paper ballots. He also says that if we want to breathe the fresh air of liberty and if we want this for our grandchildren, then we must become participants in our government. Our system, as laid out by our Founding Fathers is a participatory system and we’re either going to continue this American Experiment in Democracy, or we’re going to move into Socialism and Communism, as the current people in the Oval Office would like to see.

John then asks that since the American People did not receive their day in court over the theft of the nation, as he calls the 2020 Election Fraud, since the Supreme Court refused to hear the cases, isn’t the military and military tribunals the last resort in this situation?

Flynn refers to cases in Antrim County, Michigan, in New York, in New Hampshire and happening now in Maricopa County, Arizona. And with the exception of the latter, which is ongoing, every single case was reversed in Trump’s favor.

He asserts that We the People are the last line of defense. He says that what the military may do is not something he would comment on but that they do follow their oaths and the legal, moral orders that they’re given. He says the military is subservient to the political leaders that we have and he is very against the idea of the military overthrowing someone that they don’t like, which is why We the People are the last line of defense. Yes, certain champions, like Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne and others are fighting on our behalf, it is very, very costly.

Flynn mentions Mike Lindell’s upcoming film, ‘Absolute Interference’, which gets into the foreign interference in the 2020 Election and how had the opportunity to meet the two Chinese generals who wrote the 1999 book, ‘Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America’. He says that Chinese doctrine has six main components and the first five involve Information Warfare, Economic Warfare and how to do things without expending the resources to actually go to into physical warfare.

Flynn says that what happened on November 3rd wasn’t just happenstance; it had been planned for decades. He says that while he was in the military, he studied the Chinese doctrine and he’s continually amazed at how well the Chinese have exercised it.

He maintains that we’re going to stay on the path of a Constitutional Democracy, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; that we can’t have any other outcome than getting involved in our community and to quit complaining about the politicians – get rid of them, vote them out – or run for office.

John then switches the topic to censorship and how dangerous is Big Tech and the Mainstream Media?

Flynn talks about the Digital Warriors who flocked to his defense, analyzing his case. He jokes, “I probably had the largest law firm in the world.” He says that the same effort that they mounted for him should be mounted to counter the cancel culture that we see today. He admonishes prospective Digital Soldiers to check their sources, get multiple sources and to remember that, “The first report is always wrong.”

He says the Socialist-Communists are highly-ccordinated in their messaging and “We’re not. We need to be more coordinated,” in the face of all their distractions. And what they’re distracting us from is November 3rd. “We were attacked by a foreign adversary with domestic infiltrators and they stole that election.”

He says more evidence will come out but what happens to it and what is done about it remains to be seen and “There’ll have to be some decisions made by some serious people in the coming months about this because we can’t have this in this country. We’re not Iraq. We’re not China. We’re not a dictatorship. We’re not a monarchy. We’re a Constitutional Republic, where our vote matters and our elections must be free and fair. They must be transparent.

“Why are so many law firms working for the Left? Fighting to keep the truth from the American public? Hey, if Joe Biden won, fine…we’ll go home but why are they fighting tooth and nail to keep us from seeing the truth?

John then has the General weigh in the events at the Capitol in January 6th.

Flynn says he expects that as more comes out about it, it will be revealed as a false flag to distract from the crime of the century, which is the theft of the 2020 Election.

John then asks the General to give us a threat assessment of the Chinese and what he would do to handle the threat if her were in office.

Flynn says that China surpasses the US “In many, many ways, militarily, economically…We need to look at China as a major threat, a major adversary…We have an administration now that is going to cater to China.”

John then asks him about Lin Wood’s witness’ sworn affadavits with claims of pedophilia about Justice John Roberts, Mike Pence and Justice Emmett Sullivan.

Flynn responds that the truth will eventually come out and that anybody who’s compromised and thinks they’re going to get away with it, particularly Government officials, it will be revealed and there is a special place in Hell for child molesters.

He reminds us that there are things that we can change and when we can, we should. We should get involved and make the changes we want to see.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Apr 2021

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