Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Like me, you probably have family members who believe everything they see in the Mainstream Media and you probably have loved ones who think you’re crazy for questioning official narratives, from 9/11 to the Parkland shooting.

During her 30-years as a bestselling author and journalist, Naomi Wolf has spent most of her life in the bosom of Mainstream approval. However, she is that rare denizen of “accepted” discourse who is more committed to the truth than to anything else and has dared to destroy her career and garnered the opprobrium of publications across the political spectrum for publicly entertaining the idea that such events as the Sandy Hook shooting may be False Flags.

She’s done this with perfectly sound reason, reminding us that the ratification of the 2012 Smith-Mundt Modernization Act now makes it perfectly legal for the US Government to propagandize American citizens (not just state enemies).

Wolf laments, “We’ve entered an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they’re real or not real, in the United States as well as overseas. In fact, it’s kind of crazy not to.” Wolf emphasizes the importance of real investigative journalism.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Mar 2018

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