Fake News Piece in Fortune Defends Google AKA a Drug Company

Google search results manipulationMaryam Henein – What If I told you that Google is now a drug company that uses mind control tactics to manipulate behavior? Would you believe me?

“The censorship being applied (by Google) to alternative health is nothing less than demonic,” Zach Vorhies, Google Whistleblower

“Google betrayed its mission statement of making info ‘universally accessible & useful.’ They’re now weaponizing their monopoly to censor info that challenges corporate interests.”

The Google Grid

I started investigating the ties between Google and Big Pharma in late 2018, soon after my employees and I noticed that HoneyColony, our online health and wellness magazine, was losing organic traffic.

In 2016, following four years of existence and hundreds of well sourced articles, we were getting 500,000 unique visitors a month. Whoot Whoot. But then traffic started dwindling in 2018 and by August 2019, we’d lost more than 45 percent of our traffic.

Our newly engaged SEO editor informed us that Google’s changes were made under what was called the “Medic Update” centered around the medical and health space, as well as “Your Money Your Life” types of sites that focus on money and life events.

Google described the change as “a broad, global, core update.” But according to Search Engine Land, upon further analysis from SEO consultants, the focus of the changes made under the “Medic Update” centered around the medical and health space, as well as “Your Money Your Life” types of sites that focus on money and life events.

“This specific focus is something Google will not confirm,” said Search Engine Land.

Today, accredited professionals who run websites such as Mercola.comGreenmedinfoNatural News, and SelfHacked are also losing posting privileges, getting banned, deranked, and basically being digitally assassinated. It’s happening to those who stand for health freedom and natural remedies and who criticize Big Anything.

Dr. Mercola, a reputable physician and author, whose website predates Google, personally told me at this year’s biohacking conference that he had lost 90 percent of his traffic. When I told him I was dubbing the censorship “technofascism,” he found the term apropos. In his keynote talk, he not only warned people about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution but invited hundreds of attendants to stop using Google altogether. A Google Detox, is a huge undertaking.

Today Google’s influence on our lives and in the digital marketing space is immeasurable. There are about two TRILLION searches a year on Google.

Alas, now Google is a weaponized tool serving a sick agenda, one that ultimately serves their own interests.

One excellent reason to stop using Google is that organic searches are dead. What I mean is that the most popular search terms will no longer come up. They’re now using “autosuggestions,” which is known to be a simple yet powerful mind control tool. (In the past few weeks the Google search terms have gotten a bit more friendly. (See this video to learn more).

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SF Source Green Med Info Oct 2019

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