Nigel Farage Drops Truth Bomb [Video]

The_Real_Fly – Always eloquent, Britain’s Nigel Farage offers his views on the current state of leftist delirium — pointing out how the younger generation have been hijacked by an agenda rich education system, indoctrinating them to not only espouse a certain ideology, but to become intolerant to opposing viewpoints. By definition, they’ve become the very thing they’re working so terribly hard to defeat: god damned fascists.

A mindset of intolerance has been normalized amongst the left, promoted by the media, even accepting violence in order to ‘stomp out’ nazis and white supremacists.

The BS has to end. They can’t keep getting away with it.

The Younger Generation Screaming ‘Fascist’ Have
Become the Thing They Loathe the Most

SF Source Zerohedge Feb. 2017

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