Feeling Stuck Should Not Be A Long Term Condition

feeling stuckVeronica – We are often asked to deliver inspiration and clarity.  When in the dense linear a muddling of energy can render the incarnate disconnected from their true selves.  A rush to return to the soulful expression is often wrought with obstacles and pitfalls.

These moments can create an atmosphere of uncertainty within the incarnate.  Many find themselves on a circular path with no exit.  Frustrated while tromping in those circles it may seem like one will never find their way back to their original soul connection.

A ‘what to do’ question rises in most, compounding the already lulling fog of discontent.  One gets caught up because the denseness of the space does not provide opportunity for escape.

The ‘I’m stuck’ is spoken of with consistency within the hearts of most who come to the earth plane to evolve.  Quite a conundrum to escape the pattern the ego created to survive.

The instinct to keep moving a strong one, but to no avail if one is walking in circles.

We would beseech all of you to not despair.  The usual path is to not realize the circular motion.  Becoming aware is the first step in returning to your plans.  Dramas and creations that separate you from yourself need to be reconciled and omitted.  Not easy, but definitely imperative.  There can be a dizzying sensation that supports losing one’s balance within the linear.  Long term consequence can arise from the whole experience.

Feeling stuck should not be a long term conclusion.  It is really just a distraction.  One must act swiftly before the muddiness of the feeling takes over.

Decide today to search for a place where new experience previously un-imagined is being told.  The place, however, may not be right in front of you.

It is all inside waiting to be discovered.  Make it your mission to settle in a place of knowing.  Change the atmosphere.

Start small with a plan to conquer any obstacle that  presents itself.

Plant the seeds of change and wait with anticipation for them to grow.  As you putter around in the vast horizon of your opportunities, remember to leave no stone unturned.

You incarnated to expand.  Lift your feet out of the mud.  Consider a bold move to pull yourself out.

Know that it is possible.

Find the space of new imagination.  Begin to formulate the idea.  Let the idea like a parable of magic and creation unfold before you.

You can.

You will.

SF Source Inner Whispers Mar 2020

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