Trying to find balance with lots of socializing- New Moon Outlook 9/30/2016 [Video]

Joseph Anthony – We have a more hospitable welcoming committee beginning with the New Moon in Libra on October 1st, suggesting that we reach out and connect with others. This lunation will be joined by benevolent Jupiter, which entered Libra on September 9th, bringing with it greater opportunities to improve our relationships over the coming year.

Fiery energy is the air on October 15-16 when the Full Moon in Aries supercharges our desires. Spontaneity will be rampant during this lunation bringing with it a strong yearning to achieve our goals, as long as it doesn’t become something else. With the Moon tightly conjunct retrograde Uranus the focus is on independence in this assertive sign. Mars, ruler of this lunation, is conjunct Pluto so we’re more inclined to be brave little soldiers but with Uranus in the mix, there’s also the potential for assertive mindedness. This lunation could be highly invigorating or be peppered with a desire to shock and break free.

SF Source Joseph P Anthony Sept. 2016

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