Finding a Holistic Doctor: What to Know

holistic medicineToday, holistic medicine takes a unique approach to healthcare for patients from all walks of life. This form of medicine helps resolve countless medical issues through an all-inclusive approach for healing the body and mind.

A holistic doctor or holistic medicine practitioner is the medical professional responsible for performing a variety of holistic medical techniques. Patients today seek out holistic doctors to get healthcare that is an alternative to what traditional healthcare providers offer. By performing holistic medicine, a holistic doctor is able to resolve a number of medical issues by directly working with the patient to learn more about how their body works.

What is a holistic medicine doctor?

Also known as integrative medicine doctors, holistic medicine practitioners are doctors, much in the way people understand traditional doctors. A holistic doctor generally has as much training as a conventional doctor, usually in one or several areas of medicine that complement each other. Using these complementary areas of medicine, a holistic doctor focuses on treating the whole patient, instead of deriving a diagnosis from their symptoms alone. A holistic doctor searches for the underlying cause of a condition, creates a treatment plan, and then executes the plan to help their patients recover.

As suggested by the name of the practice, holistic medicine provides care to the whole patient. The typical holistic doctor does not use one approach to improving the health of a patient. They use several approaches to practice this form of medicine, usually combining many traditional prescription drugs and all natural supplements to resolve a number of medical conditions. With this approach, the holistic doctor is able to not only consider a number of factors behind a medical condition, but they are also able to formulate a treatment plan that heals the body, mind, and spirit.

The spiritual and physical approach to holistic medicine is a true complement to traditional medicine, after all. After finding a solution, a holistic doctor may also prescribe appropriate medication or suggest surgery if it is absolutely necessary for resolving a medical condition. In addition, a holistic doctor generally supports patients with a number of all natural medical remedies, including herbal medicines and suggestions for changes to patient lifestyle and diet.

What can a holistic doctor do?

Holistic medicine practitioners do a number of things to help their patients heal their entire body and mind. Some might assume holistic medicine is relatively modest and uncomplicated, only relying on all natural medical remedies. In recent times, however, holistic medicine practitioners have successfully integrated holistic medical techniques with traditional medicine to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Some of these holistic medicine techniques and care plans include:

♦  Performing in-depth and sometimes complex testing to gain a comprehensive view of the health of their patient. Some of this testing includes food intolerance and other allergy assessments, vitamin and mineral level assessments, and other biochemical assessments. The holistic medical practitioner may also take tests of digestive function, sugar/cholesterol levels, and a full blood count to learn more essential information about their patients.

♦  Engaging patients for much longer appointment times. A traditional doctor visit usually runs for a certain amount of time, sometimes not enough for a comprehensive assessment of a patient. Holistic medicine practitioners hold longer appointment times with their patients to develop a bigger picture of the health status of their patient. They also explain everything about the tests they may perform, address patient questions and concerns, and suggest following their recommended treatment plan.

♦  Suggesting specific treatments for certain disorders, if they specialize. Some holistic medicine practitioners specialize in specific medical treatments and are able to create a more comprehensive treatment plan for the condition they treat. Some of these conditions may include autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other degenerative diseases.

Holistic medicine practitioners provide a number of services to help patients learn more about their health. With a number of conventional and holistic medicine techniques available to them, they can come to a comprehensive solution to the medical issues of their patients.

Finding the best holistic doctor

Searching for the right holistic doctor is, fortunately, a straightforward process. The best holistic medicine practitioners may be as close as a mouse click or a phone call away. Before searching for the actual medical professional, however, prospective patients should first identify the type of pain or ailment they need treatment for and then research the best type of treatment a holistic doctor can do.

It is recommended to find the best holistic doctor that has direct experience with treating specific ailments. For example, patients with persistent bodily pain may benefit from working with a holistic medicine practitioner that utilizes treatments like acupuncture for pain relief. Today, holistic doctors practice in various places around the country, so prospective patients have a number of options to consider in the future.

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