How to Find the Right Plumber During an Emergency

plumberNo one ever plans for a plumbing emergency. They also rarely ever happen when it is most convenient. If you are like those consumers, you immediately reach for the smartphone and search for, “Find Emergency Plumber Contractors Near Me.” While it is difficult to deal with any type of plumbing issue, it has never been easier to find skilled plumbers with a smartphone or computer in the age of technology, according to Fast Plumbers.

Here is how to find the right plumber during an emergency.

Visit a Trusted Website

Regardless of the emergency, your first reaction will be how to find the most experienced plumber at an affordable price. You also do not want to hire a plumber who hides extra fees in the small print. Online directories are your best bet to get a blend of both experience and affordability as you know what certification a plumber has as well as a clear quote for the work you request, which means you will not pay more out-of-pocket than what is contracted. Moreover, you get honest ratings and experiences by reading customer feedback.

Use Google Maps

Google Maps is a handy smartphone app or computer application that allows you to search for nearby plumbers by using a search engine to get the top three rated plumbers in a one-mile radius. While you only get a select few, Google Maps looks for top-rated rather than offer a complete search database that lists criteria like skills or pricing.


Yelp has become a norm for consumers who want to sound off on poor service or overpriced services, so if you want to find Emergency Plumbing in Toronto, it is a convenient way to get an honest opinion on a local emergency plumber. Unfortunately, they do not contract services, which means you have little recourse if you get bad service.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is popular because it is merely a phone number database for local companies. While they will provide you with all the plumbers in your area, it is a bit timely to call them and ask questions about rates, service and availability.

Word of Mouth

Eight out of 10 consumers visit a company’s website before buying a product or service, which is why word-of-mouth advertising is an effective way to find a reliable plumber from friends or family who have also experienced plumbing emergencies.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is an all-in-one handyperson website that allows local plumbers to use their website to market their services. You will get to see ratings and feedback as well as engage with plumbers about pricing, which averages between $45 and $150 an hour.

Search Engines

Search engines are great sources for finding nearby plumbing companies. You will need to do your due diligence since top-rated companies are not always the best option. Do not be afraid to check past the first page since search engine optimization ranks them rather than quality.

You do not have to panic when a plumbing emergency occurs. Just take a deep breath, relax, grab a smartphone or computer and use one of these emergency plumber finder options.

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