“We Stand With Our Incumbent Members” (Outsider Access Not Allowed)

Opponent of Wasserman Schultz in Florida Denied Access To Democratic Voter Data

Tim Canova

Jonathan Turley – Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been widely accused of being a key architect of “rigging” the primary in favor of Hillary Clinton. Among the various controversies surrounding Wasserman Schultz was her blocking Bernie Sanders’ campaign from accessing the DNC’s voter data files, which contain email addresses and telephone numbers for constituents.

Now Tim Canova, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University who is running against Wasserman Schultz for her seat in Congress, has revealed he found out that he too is blocked from accessing Democratic voter data. Mind you he is a Democrat but the state Democrats confirmed that only incumbents can gain access to the valuable resource in what critics have said is a blatant effort to favor such candidates. Canova has made the denial to the VAN system part of his campaign while various groups and individuals have campaigned for her to be removed as DNC head.

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Stelle is quoted as saying that the Florida Democratic Party does not offer data access “to candidates challenging incumbent members of Florida’s Democratic congressional delegation. This policy has been applied uniformly across the board since 2010. We stand with our incumbent members of Congress and we’re proud of the job they do representing the people of Florida. The Voter File is proprietary software created and owned by the Democratic National Committee that is maintained and operated by the Florida Democratic Party here in state.”

It was such on unbelievable statement that I checked to make sure that there was not a hoax and there is such as person as Max Steele. There is. It is unbelievable that the party, which is supposed to be neutral and inclusive, defends a rule designed to make it more difficult for democrats to challenge incumbents despite overwhelming public sentiment against the establishment. While insisting that they are eager to incorporate Sanders supporters who are fighting the establishment, they also openly protecting incumbents from challengers.

Canova is a Sanders supporter who teaches banking and corporations.

SF Source Jonathan Turley  Mar 2016

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