‘Pride’ Goes before Destruction

lifestyleMichelle Fitzpatrick Thomas – My husband Trevor and I recently took our four children to Washington, D.C. for the first (and likely last) time. It was amazing to see the historic monuments and to tour the Capitol building and the museums. It is truly rich with history and tradition and grandeur.

What was not so amazing were the rainbow flags all over the city and the homeless encampments and the ghetto-like areas and the sirens at night and the filth. D.C. is a liberal cesspool, and it shows.

I did all of the driving while we were there because Trevor was struggling with a pinched nerve. I wonder if the many, many honks that I received while driving around the city were the result of my “Choose Life” license plate or my driving skills.

I’ll never know. But as you might imagine, we had some wonderful opportunities to teach our children about the very visible and tangible differences between our wonderful, conservative northeast Georgia district versus life in the most liberal area of the country. I don’t think they will forget those lessons any time soon.

I have been sickened lately by all of the commercials and signs and shows touting “Pride” for the LGBT lifestyles. I get a bit confused by all of the initials that they use, and it seems that they keep adding more and more. Maybe when they’re finished we could just sing the “ABCs” to describe all of their various lifestyle “choices.”

I logged onto my AT&T account the other day and saw a rainbow globe as their new logo. A commercial for cosmetics company Sephora that airs multiple times during one of the shows that we watch is filled with men pretending to be women.

Various commercials flash scenes of homosexual couples in their ads, seemingly to kowtow to that miniscule, militant portion of our population. Even an email that I received from our local grocery store, Kroger, the other day had a “Pride” section in it, detailing what Kroger is doing to help celebrate sin. And it seems that nearly every show and movie these days — even kids’ shows — have inserted some sort of transvestite character or homosexual or other similar perversity. Big companies and Hollywood are forcing this issue before our eyes in the hopes that we will begin to accept it as “normal.”

I recently read a quote by pastor and author Francis Chan. He said, “In a postmodern culture obsessed with feelings and political correctness, the Church must stop apologizing for ‘the way that God thinks and acts and what He says is right and wrong.’”

Pastor Chan is absolutely right. The rabid LGBTQXYZ movement is trying to browbeat those of us who agree with what God says about their lifestyle, and I’ve had enough. It doesn’t matter how much “pride” they show; their lifestyle choices will remain perverse, wrong, gross, and above all, sinful.

As parents and grandparents, we must be diligent in teaching our children and grandchildren that what God says is wrong is really wrong. They are being pulled away from the truth on these issues right and left. They are being indoctrinated in our public schools, and they are inundated with messages in the media that celebrate repulsive lifestyles.

When I pray with our children at night before bed, I often pray that God will help us to love what He loves and hate what He hates. We know from His Word that He loves people but hates sin. We need to follow His lead by loving those who are so miserable that they feel the need to look for acceptance and affirmation in perversity.

I’ve read stories and watched interviews with people who came out of the LGBT lifestyle, and almost without fail, each one who turned to that lifestyle did so because of abusive situations in their childhoods. They felt so damaged and dirty that they turned to those with whom they felt they could be accepted and loved.

Maybe instead of celebrating and defending something that is destructive and harmful and immoral, we as a nation and as states and as communities and as individuals should put more value on counseling these people and praying for them and helping them to find true healing and hope. Some states are going so far as to make it illegal even to provide counseling for people struggling with these issues. What insanity!

Sometimes I feel like we are living in the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” in which everyone sees that the emperor is really naked, but no one wants to speak up and tell him. Finally, a small child honestly and accurately exclaims, “But he hasn’t got anything on.”

Even children know the truth about the LGBT agenda. They know that men and women go together and that men aren’t supposed to wear makeup and dresses. Let’s not be duped by the pressure of the crowd into supporting and believing in wickedness.

God said in Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” [emphasis mine]. The rainbow was God’s idea and a symbol of His mercy for all mankind. Let’s take it back for purposes that are good and noble and pure. When it’s all said and done, I’d much rather stand by God’s side for all of eternity than on the side of political correctness on this earth.

SF Source The American Thinker Jul 2019

One thought on “‘Pride’ Goes before Destruction

  1. As a longtime reader who happens to be gay, awake, and conservative in many of my views, I wish you could distinguish articles highlighting the dangers of the “trans agenda” from articles that are just broadly anti-gay such as this one. This author makes some great points about the trans agenda but then lumps all gay people as somehow being a part of it.

    As a gay person I am opposed to the trans agenda, its teachings that gender is a social construct, and the traumatic sexualizing of children thru radical trans agenda-based education.

    Children need to be sheltered from negative outside influences and they need to have their innocence maintained as much as possible. Let children be children. Not social experiments and pawns. It disgusts me that trans is trendy, and liberal parents, eager to be seen as cool and progressive, are pushing their young children to be trans or gender “non-conforming” – from the mother of the young “drag boy and worlds youngest club kid” Desmond is Amazing, to the parents who want to raise “gender neutral babies” (by refusing to share biological gender specific education with their children such as how boy’s bodies are different from girls and how their biology works. Instead they “allow” their children to grow up in confusion and ignorance of their own biology), to the parents and medical community who subject “trans” children to hormone blocking therapy and surgical mutilation. Studies have shown that the vast majority of children outgrow feelings of gender confusion by the time they exit their teen years. Blocking normal hormones with drugs causes irreversible damage in these children who are medically “treated” as trans during periods of gender confusion.

    Biology trumps ideology and there are specific absolute differences between men and women that are irrefutable. Trans ideology tries to ignore biology, but ultimately fails in its efforts. We see the backlash against male athletes who assume a female identity to unfairly compete against biological women. We see the trauma and confusion in young children who are subjected to gender/trans ideological “education” with children suffering from nightmares that they will wake up as the opposite sex. Or worst case scenarios such as Sweden where state sponsored daycares have forced girls to stand barefoot in snow to “toughen them up”, forced boys to play with dolls instead of toy trucks, and refused to refer to children as he/she.

    There are true medical cases of gender dysphoria or ambiguous genitalia and chromosomal abnormalities. And most people respond with compassion to these cases. However these cases are less than .001% of the population. This tiny minority hardly merits overturning the common biological standards of our societies by trying to ridiculously claim gender is a social construct, that some boys have vaginas, and that men get periods.

    Yes women can like traditionally masculine things and men can like traditionally feminine things. Women are free to be rough and tumble. Men can show emotions. Women can cage fight and men can knit sweaters. But women cannot biologically accomplish the same things men can simply because of “gurl power”.

    Biology shows men are stronger and more suited to specific activities because of increased muscle mass and strength. Trans ideology through misguided social policies and legislation tries to convince us that women can perform just as well as men when biology and studies have shown they can’t and don’t. Yet by stating that women and men should be subjected to the draft, that women should serve on frontlines, these misguided social experiments put both men and women in danger just to conform to a false ideology.

    So let me state again. I support LGBT as far as being able to work without fear of being dismissed solely on the basis of LGBT. I support being able to marry the person you love (one only). I believe that children ideally do best when raised with a mother and father, however many gay couples can be loving parents and provide a safe, nurturing home. I believe children should be allowed to pursue their own interests without being forced to conform to anyone’s standards. If boys want to play with dolls, let them. Teach them other things but let them be. If they want to play football, let them. But love them both equally.

    I stood up for “gay rights” as they apply to the above scenarios – to be treated fairly as an individual human being. What I didn’t sign up for and can’t support are the ridiculous add ons such as QIA and the exploitation of true medical transgenders (transitioning from one sex to another). I believe the LGBT community has been hijacked and used to further an agenda that promotes gender confusion and the destruction of biological sex and the nuclear family. I believe if allowed to continue, the nefarious hijackers (Frankfurt School’s cultural Marxism and Soros-funded NGOs no doubt) will try to promote polygamy and pedophilia as another “sexual orientation”. And I can’t go along with that. Many gay people I know feel the same way. So please don’t lump us all under the trans agenda shadow.

    Hate gay people or accept them as you will. Agree to disagree. Live and let live. But don’t assume that because we are gay that we are on board that crazy train.

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