Forget About Gratitude, Try Appreciation Instead

appreciationJennifer Hoffman – I have never liked the idea of being grateful for my terrible life experiences. It has always felt inauthentic to express how grateful I am for the things I wish had never happened to me.

How can I be grateful for the pain, misery, challenges, and life disruptions when I really wanted the opposite? Gratitude works in 3D because it repeats karmic and pain cycles but we need a new process to move into 5D expansion and creation. So it’s time to replace gratitude with its higher energy expression, appreciation. (an audio podcast of this article is available at the end of the article).

The new integrated 3D/5D ascension path is going to usher in many changes and one of them is moving from limitation to expansion, to use our life challenges as a platform for multi-dimensional, high vibe living. Energy is always in motion and higher frequencies are both in motion and are always expanding.

Do you want to expand your pain or leverage your pain into new levels of understanding, awareness, and experience?

The word ‘gratitude’ reminds me of the French word ‘gratter’, which means both an itch and the action we take to scratch it. What happens when you scratch an itch? Sometimes it gets itchier, and we have to scratch it more and more. How can we remove the itch and its source altogether? By getting out of the karma and pain cycle and being open to expansion, potential, and empowerment.

Rather than trying to convince ourselves that we are grateful for things that we do not want, how can we expand that experience into something we can bring with us into 5D living? Let’s turn our gratitude into an act of appreciation, which means to increase in value, to make more precious. If we think about how energy creates and expands, doesn’t it make more sense to increase the value of an experience through appreciation rather than affirming how much we are glad to have it when we really don’t?

I am not grateful for the health issue from which I have experienced chronic pain for the past 6 years, that was so intense I could not walk at times and I thought it would kill me. But I have appreciated it into a greater awareness of treatment options and finding practitioners would could help with my overall health improvement, including healing the vaccine injury that is responsible for it.

I was not grateful for having 6 job layoffs in 8 years, resulting in the loss of my career which I really loved but I appreciated it into a thriving business as a spiritual teacher, author, and leader in self awareness and energy alignment, resonance, frequency, and transformation.

When you turn gratitude into appreciation you expand your awareness of the situation while also being open to new solutions, potentials, and opportunities to take you from a place of pain to a place of peace, to move from victim consciousness to victorious mastery, from limitation to expansion. You can either grind the wheel of gratitude or ascend into appreciation and turn your lessons into quantum leaps of alignment with new potentials.

Many aspects of our individual and collective realities are changing now and while some of the old ways we have been taught will still be useful, others will not. The spiritual teachings that got us through the last 20 plus years of the ascension cycles will have to be reviewed and some things will no longer work for us. I believe that how we have used the concept of gratitude in the past is one of them. There are others and how that works for you is part of your personal path.

Using appreciation instead of gratitude puts us in a place of expansion, potential, and being open to new possibilities and outcomes. And it is easier to be authentic with what we are experiencing when we know that being in a state of appreciation aligns us with the flow of energy and  the expansion of 5D frequencies so we can move out of the pain and into something more joyful and fulfilling.

If you have trouble convincing yourself that you are grateful for an experience that has been especially challenging, try focusing on appreciation instead.

How can you appreciate this challenge into something that is aligned with your greater potential?

How can you appreciate the value of the experience into something that brings joy into your life?

And finally, how can you use the challenge as a platform to leap into new dimensions of being and living that expand your ascension journey into 5D joy that is pain and karma free?

Instead of saying ‘I am grateful for…and its presence in my life’, try this:

“I appreciate this experience and its lessons and move it into its highest potential and  greatest possibilities into a higher dimension of awareness, learning, being, and energy congruence in alignment with my intention for a life that resonates at the highest frequencies of peace, joy, love, and abundance.”

And if you want to do an experiment, take a life challenge your facing and write out two statements,

1.  one describing how you are grateful for it and

2.  the other how you appreciate it into a greater frequency.

Which one feels better to you? How does the energy flow? How does your intuition respond?

Appreciation instead of gratitude, a new way to expand into the 5D ascension portals and move from trauma to triumph, from victim consciousness to empowered mastery, and out of the cycles of karma and pain into the joyful, joy-filled freedom of energetic wholeness and congruence.

Copyright (c) 2020 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

SF Source Enlightening Life Nov 2020

One thought on “Forget About Gratitude, Try Appreciation Instead

  1. Perception is key when it comes to analyzing and feeling through what life throws at us whether we perceive it to be positive or negative. It can be challenging to see the value of something we perceive as negative in the moment, thus making it hard for us to be grateful for it. From my experience and perspective, gratitude opens you up to be able to have a deeper sense of appreciation. On the examples you wrote you were able to look back and be grateful for the experiences you went through because it led you to a path of awareness that allowed you to appreciate those situations in your life at a deeper level, whether it being your body or career. Being able to let go, trust the universe and surrender to its process allows one to see the value in every experience one goes through which allows gratitude and appreciation to flow through unfettered.

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