Forgiveness – Release, Redemption and Revenge

forgivenessJennifer Hoffman – The final step to any healing work, the bridge to wholeness that leads to congruence and divine harmony, is forgiveness. But not the grudging, must-do forgiveness that we say with our fingers crossed behind our back because we’re secretly still angry, upset, and annoyed with that person.

This is a choice we have to make that will set us free from the energies that bind us to another in anger-churning karmic cycles. The real forgiveness choice is not about whether we’ll forgive, it’s about whether we will release ourselves from the energetic ties that bind us, or will we seek revenge or redemption.

Our unwillingness to forgive happens because we think that forgiveness is a blanket pardon. It isn’t. As I teach it, forgiveness is an energetic process that we use to free ourselves from the energies that bind us to endless karmic cycles of pain. And even though it is so freeing, it still doesn’t generate the emotional fulfillment that we want.

We want to know that someone truly regrets what they did, how they hurt us, what happened to us because of their actions. We want redemption, to know that our efforts mattered and were noticed. We want to be heard and acknowledged. And we can hang onto our self righteous anger and irritation for a long time, waiting to get it.

Even when we know that this will not happen, or at least not in the way we want it to.

Maybe we want revenge – we want to hurt them as much as they hurt us. We want them to feel our pain and to know our suffering.

We want to know that they understand what they did to us. And that won’t work either. In fact, revenge is more likely to hurt you than it is the other person because it keeps you in a karmic cycle of anger, pain, and suffering.

What’s the solution? Do you have to just give the other person carte blanche to hurt you over and over again? No, and to move beyond the anger and cross the forgiveness bridge you have to realize two things:

1. No matter how much you want it, whatever you get from them in terms of an apology, acknowledgement, or agreement, it probably won’t be satisfactory or make you feel better, and you probably will never get it,

2. The other person probably doesn’t know how much pain you are in and probably doesn’t care because their behavior is about them and how they feel, it is not about you. In fact you may even be a threat to them and that’s why they targeted you. Or you make them feel bad about themselves and they want to take you down a few pegs.

The only way to get out of healing cycles and to cross the bridge to energetic wholeness is forgiveness, which is the energetic release that we give to ourselves. Yes we have to give up the idea of redemption and revenge but those are replaced with far greater rewards of congruence and moving into the Soul Energy Priorities so we live our lives through the lens of soul mastery instead of karmic cycles.

And with wholeness and energetic congruence we put ourselves in a higher frequency and an energetic space where no one can break our stride, block our energy flow, and send us into the black hole of pain and suffering. We become energetically sovereign, self aware, and self confident with empowered self control that allows us to avoid pain because we create strong energy boundaries so we know who we are and we stay in our own energy field where we are always in control of the energy frequency, vibration, and flow.

I thought this was a perfect song for this week’s message ‘No one’s gonna be breaking my stride’.

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SF Source Enlightening Life Jul 2020

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