From Nonduality to Predeterminism And Back Again

Non-dual teachings taught me to let everything be as it is — to let go of trying to control or modify reality. It was actually this focus on reality modification that was robbing me of fundamental peace. For as long as I wanted to change the world, including myself and others, for however noble or justified a reason, I was in an internal state of agitation because wanting to change something implies that we are not happy with it in this present moment, and as there is ultimately only this moment, we are not happy, period. True peace can only come about from accepting what is, because only by total acceptance can we be truly happy, right here and right now.

But nonduality teachers tend to take this perspective much further: they often adopt the philosophical position called predeterminism, which means that every event in the universe is caused by a series of prior event[s], all the way back into history. From this perspective, the whole future of the universe is implied in its present state — there is no room for novelty or free will. Zeropoint

Oh, but there is! Novelty and free will occur within probability fields. While the end point — return to Source in one form or another – is known, the probability path explored by each unique consciousness is selected moment by moment. Either consciously or not. The more individual consciousness expands the more awareness gained. The greater the awareness the more competent the now-moment self-selection process. We are one Source particularized into unique pathways and non-predictably pre-determined to arrive at an end point designed within a continuum of free-will choice.

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