From Russiagate to Spygate: The Story that Covers the Story

trumpAnn Kreilkamp – We’re starting to get wind of the origins of the fake Russia collusion narrative that wasted two years of taxpayer money and much of the government’s time and energy. Not to mention being a constant thorn in President Trump’s side. And, as Dave, of the X22 report continuously intones, “It’s not the crime that gets them, it’s the cover-up.” Dave Janda weighs in too, and it may be that Janda is the original source of the intel on the cover-up.

In sum: the elaborate Russia! Russia! nonsense was concocted to cover criminal spying that was going on prior to attempts to pretend to legalize it. That’s why we now call it SPYGATE. And as our new Attorney General, the indomitable William Barr notes, sardonically, “Spying on a political campaign. . . is a big deal.” 

I’m sure these are not the only people talking about this story behind the story. But they are the ones I noticed. Meanwhile, here’s a long article detailing this fantabulous, long-running, non-fiction crime thriller, sent as a comment to this blog by Reader Rose (also a friend of SF).

Comey Launched Trump Russia Investigation Day After General Exposed ‘The Hammer’

The entire scenario is so elaborate, I am left once again in awe of how we humans manage to continuously corrupt our extraordinary creativity; not to mention our ability to coordinate our corrupt schemes! Just imagine if we were to turn that creativity and coordination in the direction of creation rather than corruption! What would happen then?

And just imagine if we humans would  JUST. STOP. LYING. Imagine the energy released from that single shift. Lies take way too much energy to both remember and maintain.

SF Source Exopermaculture May 2019

Baby Picture of Donald J. Trump

TrumpAnn Kreilkamp – In all the fear-mongering commentary written about the recent election of Donald Trump, I suggest we might pause and notice, really pay attention to, this man’s original being. To the beautiful, little boy with the far-seeing gaze. To this one who, when he was five years old, “followed his babysitter on an urban safari, descending into a sewer that was under construction beneath New York City. The light fading, the sitter grew concerned that the boy would panic. But little Donny Trump kept walking into the gathering darkness.” I suggest that this is what he is doing now, fearlessly plunging into our gathering darkness.

The quote comes from the Washington Post, in a somewhat snarky July 2016 story about his early years entitled:

Confident. Incorrigible. Bully: Little Donny was a lot like candidate Donald Trump

It helps to know that his intense competitiveness came from his father. And that as a little boy he was known as not just incorrigible, but “mischievous.”  That because his big brother died of alcoholism, Trump decided early on, to not take even a single a sip of alcohol. That at the University of Pennsylvania, he did not participate in student affairs, but went home to Queens every weekend, to continue his demanding workaholic apprenticeship with his builder father.

Let us hold him in our hearts, this dear little boy, and the strong, unyielding destiny he set himself upon. Numerologically, his life path is the 22/4, that of the Master Builder. Let us personally and collectively intend that he graduate from his fierce competitiveness into a fierce compassion, so that the far-seeing light that shines from this small child’s eyes can illuminate all that it touches.

SF Source Baby Picture Project 

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