Full Moon Awareness

expectationsKate Spreckley – We are moving into an age of light and as such our purpose is to bring our physical life into resonance with our soul. With this resonance our thoughts, actions, words, and deeds begin to reflect the light of our soul rather than the shadows of our wounds. Whatever is standing in the way of this purpose is becoming more and more apparent as the incoming energies activate a greater awareness of this purpose.

With [yesterday’s] Full moon we are being encouraged to overcome our challenges by integrating and shifting the shadowy aspects of ourselves. As a result, our reactions and our responses to life are being highlighted. We are being challenged to remain conscious of the choice we have to respond from our hearts or to allow the wounds of the past to ignite our reactions.

With integration comes healing which occurs when you recognize that your shadows are in fact the rejected and wounded aspects of yourself. With both inner and outer tensions rising you have the opportunity now to gain a new understanding of your behaviors and your reactions.

Rather than reacting to what is occurring use the Full Moon energies as a catalyst for inner change.

Integrate and allow your shadows to be transformed as this will release whatever is blocking you from fully accepting yourself. With acceptance you will experience a clarifying of your soul identity and finally begin discovering what you want to do and how to go out into the world and bring it into form.

SF Source Spirit Pathways Oct 2021

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