Fusion GPS Bank Records Show Payments from Clinton Campaign and DNC


Sara Carter“I was often smeared,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) told Fox News. “And now, what we know is, there’s a link between those who were doing the smearing and Fusion GPS.”

“When we were investigating Fusion GPS, they were actively involved in working to smear me to obstruct justice, to derail our investigation — and so, I’m gonna hold these guys accountable, and this is just one of many steps we’re gonna continue to take,” continued Nunes.

Nunes filed a $9.9 million federal conspiracy lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia alleging that the Fusion GPS behind the anti-Trump Steele dossier coordinated with another group to file several fraudulent and harassing ethics complaints intended to derail his investigation.

The complaint named Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and the nonprofit Campaign for Accountability (CfA), said the “smear” tactics kicked into action shortly after Simpson “lied” in his closed-door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in November 2017, as well as before the Senate Judiciary Committee in August 2017.

“The bank records produced by Fusion GPS revealed that the Clinton campaign, the DNC and Perkins Coie paid for Fusion GPS’ anti-Trump research,” Nunes’ complaint stated.

SF Source Sara Carter Sep 2019

One thought on “Fusion GPS Bank Records Show Payments from Clinton Campaign and DNC

  1. Love this man , an honest elected official, rare and precious in this day of sham artist in high places. It’s so refreshing to have decent honest people working for the good of the people who voted to be represented by them. Makes me want to live in his district so l can vote for him . Out standing service and we only have a handful of them who actually work for the good of our country. Sad to say most of our leaders are more interested in their bank accounts then serving and taking care of the needs and laws of the nation. In fact most of them should be in jail for the traitorous actions they do in these positions they hold. True justice would see them all behind iron bars for the rest of their lives. It would not be unjust to let them rot there. All the misery they issued to the people on the planet is unmeasureable, needless lives lost and destroyed by their selfish greed and actions.

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