The Choice

Looking the wrong way

“In Western civilization the interior life of the individual, with all its richness, finds itself relegated to a minor role in existence. Man is so caught up in the toils of mechanical life that he has neither time to stop or the power of attention needed to turn his mental vision upon himself. Man thus passes his days absorbed by external circumstances. The great machine that drags him along turns without stopping, and forbids him to stop under penalty of being crushed. Today like yesterday, and tomorrow like today, he quickly exhausts himself in the frantic race, impelled in a direction which in the end leads nowhere. Life passes away from him almost unseen, swift as a ray of light, and man falls engulfed and still absent from himself.” – Boris Mouravieff. Gnosis


Elva Thompson – Stirring words from Boris Mouravieff and so very true. Modern man has been engineered to live half a life….to experience only one side of his being. (See Crying for a Dream) He has been manipulated to look to the physical world for answers to his problems, and does not realise there is an inner world of spectacular potential hidden from his ‘sight’. Neither does he understand that all manifested form has an energetic cause.

Two pillars-two poles

“The principle of Polarity-embodies the truth that all manifested beings have two sides; two aspects; two poles; a pair of opposites, with manifold degrees between the two extremes.” – The Kybalion.

The two pillars depicted in esoteric symbolism represent the forces of duality: matter and spirit; dark and light. Most people tend to think in terms of opposites, and believe the two aspects of polarity are separate and independent of each other. They cannot comprehend that rather than being separate, opposites are in varying degrees the manifestation of a single principle.

It is the law of duality and personality polarity that binds man’s limited awareness to the matrix game of opposites. A game he cannot escape until he wakes up to the understanding that his world has been ‘set up’ for him-as a ‘whirled’ of conflict.

The set-up

“The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.” A.A.Milne.

The understanding that our reality is set up for the clash of polarities of whatever spectrum-and can’t exist without conflict is a sobering thought. We live in a sacrificial world based on a predator/prey rule book, a dimension geared to the survival of the fittest. The construct we live in is a blood-let, and when we consider the suffering; the energetic torment of the billions upon billions of mutilated human and animal bodies that litter the memory of this world, it is no wonder, the plague of fear is upon us. Fear that is invited by our blindness, arrogance, vanity, compartmentalised compassion, and our seemingly inability to think for self.

The sponge of normality

Many people’s awareness is totally captured by the hub bub of the game… the glittering, alluring make believe world of the matrix, where everything is geared towards success in the world ‘out there’. Our perception has been hijacked; our minds captured; and our awareness engineered to believe that the answer to all of our problems reside in the physical world…the bottom rung of our totality.

The desire to change reality

As we grow up and investigate our reality, we can’t help but see the inhumanity and cruelties of the system, and it is natural that we want to change things for the betterment of all. We think in the rush of youth, we can change the world, and many of us have put ourselves upon the firing line of yester-year, and tried to make the world a kinder place. For ten years I fought for the rights of animals (See On behalf of the Creatures.’) but now, I see with hindsight that nothing really changes. The causes I fought for in the past(human and animal rights), are the same causes that young people are fighting for in the present, and will be in essence-in polarity-the same causes that people will die for in the future. The pendulum swings and the church bell rings. The forever War is so profitable for the managers of the farm on every level.

Luciferian Doctrine

“Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.” George S. Patton

The quote from Mr Patton is a good example of the dark mind of the Luciferian deception. It is the reasoning of an arrogant, cold-blooded intellect that informs the ‘whirled’ that rape, torture and destruction of our fellow man is somehow noble and manly, instead of a brutalizing canker, an atavistic return to a bestiality far below the innocence of animal instinct. This demonic mindset has engineered generational wars; coerced mankind to hack and hew apart his fellow man in the name of a cause-or a duty for King and country.

Swinging door

History shows us the game of war with its swinging alliances-where the enemy in one conflict suddenly becomes an ally in another, and vice versa- and the whole bloody process starts again. The agenda counts on the fact that we don’t live long enough to catch onto the game, and so, on it goes, the battleground of forever-a fight between polarities- split down into personalities, a struggle that can never be reconciled. The pendulum swings back and forth, just like our minds are geared to swing back into memory lane, and too often missing the now… speed on into the future.

The reason

The Luciferic clones and their ‘shadow master’ engineer constant war, economic crashes, plagues, extreme weather, food shortages and other ‘horror events’ to traumatize humanity. According to Robert Monroe in his book Far Journeys, the reason for the horror of this conflicted dimension is the harvesting of the Loosh (See Meet the Firm) The energetic discharge of our lusts and suffering is harnessed by non physical entities as a power source, and maybe these demonic beings are the hidden Dracula’s of our collective nightmare.


It is indeed, a wake up call when we discover the truth about our physical reality and how we are engineered to think in only one direction…out into the ‘whirled’, a synthetic reality dictated by our senses. The manipulation of our perception into the world ‘out there’ as opposed to our inner reality, is a deliberate manouevre by the farm managers to keep us away from our true multi dimensional awareness.

No fix for duality

Polarity  is essential to the game of opposites, the never ending battle of ‘us versus them’. Without the constant conflict this 3rd dimensional VRG would cease to exist, and would in a quantum sense collapse into itself: in other words disappear along with all of its fractal geometries: the veil of deception will be rent and the glory of our true Paradise will manifest.

But, while mankind is immersed in the outer ‘whirled’ game of us and them, there is no fix for this counterfeit dimension; this holographic spell we are enmeshed in; the veil that blinds us from our true divine nature.

The fix for self

Many are waking up to the manipulation of our physical reality but most are still spiritually asleep. Once we truly wake up… it will be game over for the tyrants both physical and energetic. The fix is to destroy the programme in ourselves, drop the ball that keeps the game in play, and turn our attention to the neglected inner world of self.

To walk between the pillars is to transcend the illusions of duality and to investigate the great mystery that awaits for those who seek the inner path of soul. The path that leads to the understanding that everything that manifests is connected at the core. What animates and gives life to one-gives life to all.

Spiritual way

The road of the spiritual warrior is an inner journey. It’s not out there in the illusion, the sacrificial world of blood magic… we call reality. The warrior is looking for freedom…freedom from the limitations of self that are imposed by the matrix programme…the reptile mind. He doesn’t interfere with the counterfeit reality for he knows it is false and moves beyond it. Knowing his death is always with him, he does not waste his energy in the loosh game of snakes and ladders, but uses his being to embark on the journey to self-realisation and liberation.

Finding the way to Source

We are in the last year of the reset Dec 2012-2016 and the service to self’s electro-magnetic computor programme is re-booting for the next round of the game. The frequency control of the matrix is at its weakest point, and as a result, information is flooding into human awareness.The source of our Soul light is calling and we are waking up to the nature of the deception that has blinded us for thousand if not millions of years.


“We constantly find ourselves returning to the wonder that, within each man, is the centre through which contact and blending with the higher planes of consciousness may be achieved.”George Trevelyan-Magic Casements.

The Akashic Record is an electro-magnetic, macro-cosmic, universal filing system which records our every micro-cosmic thought and deed. (See Akasha)  The true history of our species and the information necessary for us to complete our task in this life-time is recorded in our soul stream, our DNA lineage.

The liberating understanding found in the Akashic Records is accessible to all of us, if we can subjugate the invader in our mind.

“Truth is within ourselves, it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe.

There is an inner centre in us all where truth abides in fullness; and around wall upon wall of gross flesh hems it in.

That perfect clear perception that is Truth. A baffling and perverting carnal mesh

Binds all and makes all error, but to know rather consists in finding out a way for the imprisoned splendour to escape.

Than in achieving entry for a light…Supposed to be within.”  Robert Browning.

Heaven or Hell…it’s your choice.

Join the fourth dimensional rebellion. Pick up a copy of ‘The Key made of Air’ and begin the journey.

SF Source Heartstar Books  Mar 2016

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