Gardening Tips for People Short on Time

Many hobbyists enjoy gardening. In fact, passionate gardeners tend to use every technology available to ensure a beautiful garden.

While gardening might be a hobby, it’s also a full-time job. You have to take care of your plants, flowers and make sure there are no overgrown weeds and pests. It’s almost like taking care of a baby.

Not everyone has that kind of time to look after a garden. For those who like maintaining a garden but don’t have enough time, here are some gardening tips that go a long way in insuring your garden grows and your time spent gardening is enjoyable.

1. What to Grow

There are a lot of factors which affect the plants you want to grow. Find out what kind of plants are suitable to grow in your zone – climate, average minimum winter temperature and so on. Be aware of  growing conditions in your area.

Research how much shade and sun your garden gets, your soil characteristics and if the area is sloped or flat. These important details factor into your decision concerning which plants to grow without too much work and fuss. If growing a garden outside is not feasible, plan an indoor garden with LED grow lights. A good company to consider for lights is

2. Water Efficiently

You don’t need to water plants every day. In most instances you just need to water them once a week. Make sure to measure the amount of water you use to insure that you’ve given your plants at least an inch of water.

For best results water your garden in the early morning when there is minimum evaporation. Doing so gives your plant enough liquid energy to last through the day.

If you’re watering your plants using sprinklers, alternate turning them off and on to allow the soil to absorb the water more efficiently.

3. Summer Tips

Summer heat is hard on plants. The scorching sun drains moisture from the soil, causing it to dry out and, in extreme cases, make your plants die. That’s why it’s important to take extra care during  summer.

If you have a lawn maintain the grass at a minimum of four inches to protect the lawn from searing sun.

Make sure your lawn mower is well maintained. If you’re too busy to mow and maintain your lawn yourself you can always hire help to assist you. If your garden is not too large, look for the best battery lawn mower to maintain your garden.

4. Protect plants from insects and small creatures

Gardening does not end at watering plants or mowing lawns. You have to protect your lawn from all kinds of pests, unwanted weeds, all kinds of critters who are just waiting to destroy your hard work. After you’re done watering your plants, make sure to buy a repellent that would keep unwanted creatures out of your garden. Buy a natural repellent to scare away squirrels, ducks and rabbits. Natural repellents are safe to use around people and pets. They are even safe to spray on vegetables and plants.

5. Use kitchen waste items usually thrown away as garbage

Plants need fertilizer for healthy growth. May natural fertilizers can be found in  kitchen waste such as coffee grounds and tea leaves.  Tea leaves are an excellent fertilizer. Save the leaves after you’ve had a cup and fertilize your plants with it. Tea leaves give your plants nutrients as they break down. Banana peels are also rich in nutrients and really good for rose plants.

6. Mulching

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of your soil. A lot of material can be used as mulch including grass clippings, leaves, hay straws, wood chips, shredded newspaper, sawdust, animal manure, etc.

Mulching takes time but its advantages make it worth the effort. It protects your soil and conserves moisture, improving fertility and soil health.

Plucking and removing weeds takes a lot of time. Mulching helps in discouraging weed growth. Mulch is usually organic and improves the overall look of your garden. Consider buying a tiller as well, the electric rototiller is a perfect tiller for your garden as you should till the soil for a better growth of plants.

7. Teamwork

Maintaining a garden alone can be difficult. However, gardening with friends, family and relatives can be lots of fun.You’ll also likely gain useful knowledge about effective gardening from fellow gardeners. You can make it fun by taking refreshment breaks or playing enjoyable games in between garden care.

Gardening requires time and attention. You need to nurture your plants, take care of them in the best possible way. While it may seem like a lot of work, the results are very satisfying. There is nothing better than strolling through a beautiful, well-maintained garden.

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